• RE: ADL5317 was burned!

    moved to RF commnunity (as the ADL5317 may be support by that community)

  • 求助!怎么用ADL5317进行multisim 仿真实验?没找到spice model.

    怎么用ADL5317进行multisim 仿真实验?没找到spice model.

  • RE: ADL5317 + Ad8304 Silicon photomultiplier current mirror

    Hi Luis,

    I moved your question about the ADL5317 and AD8304 to the RF community. Someone here should be able to assist you.

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  • RE: ADL5317 Voltage Noise

    Hello mcaputo, sorry about the delay answering these questions.

    There is no ADL5317 specification for output voltage noise on the VAPD pin. If necessary, you might consider an LC filter between the VAPD pin and the APD cathode, to remove any troublesome…

  • RE: ADL5304 with negative current

    No, this won't work, current needs to flow into the collector of the measurement/reference transistor for the ADL5304 to work correctly.

    Have you looked at using one of the current mirrors, ADL5315 or ADL5317, to reverse the polarity of the current…

  • RE: ADL5315

    You may damage the part if you force current into the input pin.  The output will not pull current into the output in this situation.

    We only have the ADL5315 and ADL5317.  Neither of which function as you describe.

  • RE: SIPM preamplifier

    Hello lolomontp,

    I'm not aware of any ADI-specific chips for SiPM support. Perhaps some other readers could advise if known.

    ADL5317 is intended for APD biasing over a wide optical power range, and also provides a monitor output. The product page…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • RE: LT3571 APD Bias circuit

    The LT3571 is used to generate a bias voltage for the APD diode. From the schematics shown on the datasheet it seems this is used for DC level power sensing and to control it's gain but not necessarily as a fiberoptic data receiver.

    I assume you…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找