• ADL5304


    I need to use the ADL5304 to amplify the current of a photodiode.

    I want to use the 200 dB range because I need to amplify very low light level.

    I have a problem with Vlog, it is not linear between -90 and -66 dBm. I think this problem is due to the…

  • RE: ADL5304 Simulation model

    Hi eishier,

    We're still working on it! I saw a preliminary version of the model yesterday and tested it out. It looked fine; I could not find any problems with the model. But having said that, please understand, this is going to be a difficult circuit…

  • Current Mirror for ADL5304

    What will be the current mirror if it is needed before ADL5304? The current mirror ADL5315 can only work with AD8305/ADL5303, right? What will be the the minimum detected current if current mirror ADL5315 is connected with ADL5304? Does it have other…

  • ADL5304 Output linearity


    I connected the ADL5304 in 2 power supplies mode, as shown in the Data Sheet.

    I use Keithley 6221 as current source. 

    The input wave form I programmed is a repetitive exponential wave (up and down).

    The output is a linear triangle wave as expected.

  • Connect AD8015 and ADL5304 in parallel

    Can I connect AD8015 and ADL5304 in parallel to the PD anode? AD8015 is to detect the communication signal, and ADL5304 is to measure the optical power as shown in the attached figure?

  • ADL5304 design with dual photodiodes

    Are there any application notes describing how to use ADL5304 with dual photodiodes? I'm interested to know if ADL5304 is suitable to be used for absorbance measurements in a liquid chromathography UV monitor. We use a reference (R) and a sample (S) channel…

  • ADL5304 PCB Layout design rules

    Hi there,

    I am new to the design of this transimpedance amplifier PCB layout. I have seen the waveguide-like layout for Inum and Iden input currents. And also Vsm is passing parallel to these tracks in the Evaluation board for ADL5304. I can also observe…

  • ADL5304应用咨询


  • ADL5304 current detection range?

    ADL5304 can detect 0.1pA current signal or not?Form the picture ,we  can calculate that when current is 0.1 pA, and the Vlog about 0.2~0.3V? It's right or not。thanks !

  • ADL5304 current direction


    We use electron multiplier. So the signal current flows in the opposite direction. Is there anyway or a modification so we can use this amplifier?