• ADL5304

    Where Can I get gerber files for AD5403 files of UG-339 for PCB developement?  D. Y Deokar

  • ADL5304

    I have a question on ADL5304.

    When using dual-supply operation with the VSMx, DCBI, and INPS pins at ground,

    reverse voltage higher than 1.5V should be provided to the cathode of PD?

    If the cathode of PD is connected to the ground, the ADL 5304 dosen…

  • RE: choosing amplifier evaluation board for low light photodiode circuit

    The ADL5304 should work for your needs as far as a detection circuit goes: taking the photodiode current and converting it into a linear-in-dB voltage.  But I think the currents produced by the photodiode you mentioned might be a bit too much for the ADL5304…

  • ADL5304 filter matching problem

    I am debugging the ADL5304 + a second-order active low-pass filter. There are no problems in debugging the two parts separately, but the two parts are combined and there is a problem, sometimes a waveform jump occurs.

    ADL5304 output capability specification…

  • AD5304+PIN work abnormal


    I have test ADL5304 with PIN(PD), My PD is about 100nA  in the room.  I cover it up, PD is about  1nA.

    ADL5304 is normal at PD 100nA, but it is normal at 1nA, Please give me some idea. 

    Follow is normal picture at 100nA , it is about 1.5V.

    Follow is…

  • ADL5304 Response Time

    Hi All,


    One of my customer is evaluating his prototype board which has ADG708 and ADL5304 Log Converter.

    His schematic diagram is attached.

    He has one issue with the ADL5304 for determining scan rate of photo diode sensors by ADG708.

    He made test…

  • ADL5304 Datasheet typos


    Typos in ADL5304 datasheet.


    page 3

    first row, should be 10^-12 (min)

    2nd row, should be 10^-12 (min) and 3x10^-3 (max)



  • 关于ADL5304输入偏置电流


  • RE: ADL5304和AD8304小信号带宽问题

    建议ADL5304, 以测试数据为准