• Questions about the alternative possibility of ADL5310 and ADL5303

    Currently, ADL5310 is used for amplifying PD (photodiode) signals.
    However, we are trying to use two ADL5303s to reduce the price.

    In terms of performance, I would like to ask if there is any difference between using one ADL5310 and two ADL5303.


  • ADL5303 buffer - capacitive load drive capability


    I've seen in datasheet the peak output current of the buffer of ADL5303 is +/-20mA, but I couldn't find what's the typical capacitive load drive capability, could someone inform it please?


  • Applying voltage to INPT terminal of ADL5303


    We are considering a circuit configration as shown in the figure below.

    When switching between passing the current mirror (ADL5315) and not passing the current mirror with the analog switch (ADG783),
    a voltage (= ADG783's on-resistance x IPD) is applied…

  • Shield the INPT node with the ADL5303 VSUM pin

    We are considering a circuit configuration as shown in the figure below.

    Would you tell us the following questions?

    1.Is the voltage of Iout pin of ADL5315 the same as the voltage of VSET pin?

    2.Can the voltage of INPT node of ADL5303 be made equal to…

  • 有关ADL5303 Vlog和Vout输出的请教!



  • on page 12 of ADL5303 equation 8 is confusion. Please explain

    Vy=Vy*Rs/(Rs+5k) how to solve this

  • RE: I am looking for a substitute for the AD759P log amp. Any suggestions?

    Aside from the 10k resistor, which is just a voltage-to-current converter, the 759 is functionally the same as the ADL5303, and many other ADI's trans-linear log amps.

    If driving from a voltage source, you could add a properly scaled external resistor…

  • 对数放大器响应时间

    您好我在官网上看到芯片ADL5303的SDOUT Response Time 是1ns 请问手册里面哪里有写?这个响应时间是对电流脉冲Ipd的响应吗?

  • RE: Offset Voltage at ADL5304 Output

    Dear Customer,

    Firstly, is it a typo in your email discribing the product number: ADL5303?

    ADL5303 is new product that supports single +5V supply only.

    I believe you want to understand how to use ADL5304, right?

    If yes, please configure your ADL5304…