• ADL5243 Digital Control VGA Glitch level during Gain change


         We are planning to use your Digital Control VGA : ADL5243 for our operating frequency of 1100MHz for the gain variable range of 30dB.

    We are planning to use the parallel interface to avoid the serial interface delay.

    We need to know the…

  • ADL5243 broad band matching AMP2


    is ist possible to match the internal Amplifier AMP2 from the ADL5243 over a wider bandwith than described in the datasheet. I would need to cover 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.

    Thank you.


  • ADL5240 / ADL5243 default attenuator setting

    I would like to know what the default attenuator setting is - on power up - for these variable gain amplifiers.

    I intend to use the devices in serial mode (SEL connected to GND.)


  • FAQ: The ADL5240_ADL5243 DSA control interface voltage thresholds and Byte(8 bits) opeation


    What is the ADL5240_ADL5243 DSA control interface voltage thresholds and how does SPI interface work at byte(8 bits) operation?



    The DSA section…

  • RE: 印象•ADI放大器——有奖互动,说出你的ADI放大器印象

    ADL5243 ,做的几个项目都用到这个放大器,几乎不用调试,省了很多时间,工厂生产CPK也很好,值得推荐

  • RE: ADL5322 RF Driver

    If you only need two evaluation boards, you can order the boards from the product page or the distributor. Yes, I intended to suggest the ADL5243.

  • RE: Pulsing 2.4 GHz oscillator

    Let me summary your requirement from above discussion. Please correct if there is something wrong.

    Frequency : 2.4GHz,  Pout : 23dBm , Required attenuation : 40dB(at least), Response time : 2ms


    Ouput power:  -6 dBm max ~ -13dBm min


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