• adl5243

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    I am planning to use the ADL5243 amplifier in DSAIN-AMP2OUT configuration in frequency ranging between 450MHz and 650MHz and a centre frequency of 500MHz and wish to get 23dbm output across these frequencies for a 50 ohm load. I want to implement…

  • ADL5243

    I am using ADL5243 VGA,for amplification and I designed the circuit as mention in the datasheet,using the loop configuration at 2.63 GHz, and for e.g.,if we apply the input power -10dBm,2.6GHz signal from  RF generator,the output should be amplified…

  • RE: Pulsing 2.4 GHz oscillator

    I would suggest the ADL5243 RF VGA as a possible solution for the Amp. P1 dB is 26 dBm @ 2140 MHz.


  • ADL5243 Datasheet


    I might be mistaking but in the Datasheet of the ADL5243 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADL5243.pdf) on page 26 ff. the values of the Resistor R12 are given in nH instead of Ohm. I was wondering what the correct…

  • Question on ADL5243


    I am using ADL5243 for amplification. Now I need to amplify the signal which frequency is 1.2GHz, how can I choose Amplifier 2 matching components values? The datasheet don't have the correlate frequency matching components values

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  • Questions on ADL5243


    I would like to ask some questions on the ADL5243. Earliest replies would be appreciated.

    Please refer to the ADL5243 datasheet , Rev. B.

    Q1: NC pins

    In Table 3. It is said NC pins should not be connected , but they are connected to GND in Figure…

  • Problem with the ADL5243 VGA


    We bought an evaluation board ADL5243 EVAL from Analog. We want to use it as the AMP1-DSA-AMP2 mode. We used two cables to connect amp1out with DSA in, DSAout with amp2in respectively, then we measured the gain of the VGA with a VNA. We found that the…

  • RE: ADL5243  USB coding question

    Moved this question here in RF and Microwave community. would help you about ADL5243 questions.