• RE: ADL5240 self oscillation on very high frequency


    At this point, the best way is to check it with  ADL5240 evaluation board first. we need to confirm whether we see the oscillation on the ADI ADL5240 eval board or not. Can I please suggest that you test the ADL5240 EVB to confirm, if these oscillations…

  • RE: ADL5240 ACLR performance

    Sorry, I meant ADL5240. The data above is for the ADL5240.

  • ADL5240

    Hi All,

    I am using ADL5240 as a variable gain amplifier in DSA_IN/AMP_OUT configuration. I wanted to know what would happen if i dont put the 50 ohm load resistance at the load. (My output trace is very short) and I am driving a cap load of 32pF at 5…

  • ADL5240 Maximum Output voltage


    I would like to use ADL5240. (AMP => DSA).

    Do you have AMPOUT Maximum output voltage(Vpp) data of ADL5240??

    The AMP has 20dB gain. 

    So, I would like to consider the input voltage(AMPIN) range of ADL5240.

    Thanks and best regards,


  • EVAL-ADL5240

    The EVAL-ADL5240 features an USB interface. It is somehow unclear on how one could communicate with it with software of our own. As I could gleam by having a quick look at the drivers, an unfortunate Cypress USB chip has to be spoken to on an extremely…

  • RE: ADL5240 SPI/serial control issues


    Finally I could fix the problem: the issue didn't come from the digital interface of the ADL5240 but from the RF section.

    I stupidly forgot to insert a DC blocking cap on the DSA RF output (pin21) The attenuator bias that is present on the RF…

  • RE: ADL5322 RF Driver

    The ADL5322 is being phased out and not recommended for new designs. You can consider other RF driver offerings such as the ADL5320, ADL5324 or the HMC789ST89E for your application. These amplifiers need to be matched as described in the datasheet. The…

  • AD5240 SPI select (CS) pin?


    I am planning to use ADL5240 and program the gain through SPI, and my SPI will control a few SPI bus, so I need to enable/select each individual SPI device one at a time, but I don't see any pin is defined as SPI interface select pin on ADL5240?…