• ADL5240 rf choke 电感选择咨询

    ADL5240 建议配置  输出使用470nh电感实现信号放大,电感选择建议是低直流dcr和工作频段有高阻抗,该放大器最大工作频段能到4Ghz,一般的射频电感在这个感值自谐振频率都在1G(srf)以下,那么选择电感时,怎么考量电感自谐振特性,现在觉得工作在较高频段都是容性区间会不会有问题。



  • ADL5240

    I just received the product and it looks like this, but the appearance of the data sheet is different from mine. Is it correct?  Thank you~~ 

  • Ask questions about ADL5240

    Hi, About ADL5240,I have some questions to ask: 1. As you know, it is not recommended for new design, do you have any new part to replace this part? 2. With the evaluation board, if the operating frequency is from 950MHz to 2150MHz, how to select the…

  • Initial configuration for ADL5240 Evaluation kit


     We are using ADL5240 evaluation kit to verify VGA performance/functionality. 

     What is the initial configuration or steps need to be followed to verify variation in signal power as we vary attenuation  through GUI application? 

    I am feeding input to AMP…

  • ADL5240 - EVAL BOARD

    Hi all,

    My research team and I bought the ADL5240 EVAL Board (ADL5240-EVALZ). We are unable to use the software with the USB. We are facing this error (sorry for if the screenshot is in french, the main computer we are using is in French by default):

  • ADL5240 internal digital attenuator switching time


    What is the switching time of the internal digital attenuator of ADL5240.

    Also please explain what the gain settling time in below figure from datasheet and I am not able to understand the X scale.


    Aruna Neeli

  • ype of process technology (SiGe, BiCMOS, CMOS?) used for ADL5240 fabrication

    Hi There,

    May i know the type of process technology (SiGe, BiCMOS, CMOS?) used for ADL5240 fabrication?

    Thanks and BR,

    Keddy Yang

  • ADL5240

    Hi All,

    I am using ADL5240 as a variable gain amplifier in DSA_IN/AMP_OUT configuration. I wanted to know what would happen if i dont put the 50 ohm load resistance at the load. (My output trace is very short) and I am driving a cap load of 32pF at 5…

  • RE: ADL5240 self oscillation on very high frequency


    I am glad this is working for you now.

    Warm Regards,


  • RE: ADL5240 LOGIC input ratings

    Exercising the digital logic on the ADL5240 without the power supply active can damage the part.

    In general, for logic inputs and most other I/Os on most products, there’s ESD protection to the supplies. If one forward biases one of these pins for an…