• ADL5205 output

    I use ADL5205 as a digitally controlled amplifier, the use mode is parallel digital interface mode, set the amplifier pins (B5~B0) to 010000 (10dB gain), but the oscilloscope did not find a 10dB gain, but -9dB gain, and The output magnification remains…

  • ADL5205 Gain


    I am testing the ADL5205 using SPI and when I set the gain of both stages to 26 dB, the second stage only amplifies by around 8dB. If I set the first stage to 0 dB, then the second stage amplifies at 26 dB correctly. It appears that the ADL5205…

  • ADL5205


    I have a question from a customer regarding the ADC Interface on Figure 60 of the datasheet. ". I am looking into driving a pair of ADCs with the ADL5505 (the ADCs may be the LT2107, LT2208 or an AD9268). Figure 60 in the data sheet shows a sample…

  • ADL5205 chain


    i'm going to use a single ADL5205 where the two stages will be connected (DC coupled) in a serial way in order to have more wide programmable gain. For sure i've to take care of level in the middle avoiding saturation.
    Is there any app note…

  • ADL5205 Output pins 3.3V?


    My customer asked the following question on operating via SPI and what voltage is needed for output pins. I saw in the datasheet that SPI requires 3.3V, but he is operating the device from 5V supply.. Also, can you give me the design files, schematic…

  • Ad9694 VCM to ADL5205

    I would like to use a ADL5205 DC coupled to a AD9694. The default Vocm  of the ADL5205 is Vpos/2 = 1.65 V. The typical VCM for the input of the AD9694 is 1.34 so I intend to use VCM_AB & VCM_CD of the AD9694 to drive the VCM inputs of the ADL5205.


  • HMC1095 and ADL5205

    HMC1095 and ADL5205 haw to do DC-coupled,direct replace capacitance with resistance? What is the resistance?

  • ADL5205 maximum gain


    I received some questions from our customer. The customer tried to simulation of ADL5205 using ADL5205 S-Parameters on ADI WEB site. But he got 20dB for maximum gain. Could you please refer attached file?

    The questions are followings,

     - Could…

  • ADL5205 output impedance


    I received a question about the output impedance of ADL5205. According to the datasheet of ADL5205, Differential Output Resistamce is 10 ohms. But the customer got 70 ohms for VOUTA- and VOUT+ which was calculated from ADL5205 S-Parameters usig…

  • ADL5205 input mode

     Hi, can ADL5205 be used as single-ended input mode?  

    I want to dc-coupled and single-ended input to the chip , what shell i do for the front-end of ADL5205?

    Thank you!