• ADL5205 - Output Voltage Swing and Output Current

    Dear ADI Support Team,

    I would like to understand how did you measure the P1dB=+17dBm (exact freq point is not important)? There is confusion present, since the datasheet gives data for the chip itself and the eval board (S parameters) includes output…

  • RE: ADL5205

    Yes we recently created the ADISImRF model for ADL5205. It is still not published on the product page as yet, but in the queue to be done soon. Will keep you posted.

    With regard to your other question:

    What is your use case / application?

    One thing to…

  • ADL5205 Fast Attack Attenuation

    I'm trying to understand the FA0 and FA1 bits when the ADL5205 is used with the SPI digital interface.

    The input attenuation (0 to 23 dB) and amplifier gain (14 to 26 dB) seem to be simultaneously controlled by the gain control bits (D0 - D5). Then…

  • ADL5205 Gain


    I am testing the ADL5205 using SPI and when I set the gain of both stages to 26 dB, the second stage only amplifies by around 8dB. If I set the first stage to 0 dB, then the second stage amplifies at 26 dB correctly. It appears that the ADL5205…

  • ADL5205 output

    I use ADL5205 as a digitally controlled amplifier, the use mode is parallel digital interface mode, set the amplifier pins (B5~B0) to 010000 (10dB gain), but the oscilloscope did not find a 10dB gain, but -9dB gain, and The output magnification remains…

  • ADL5205


    I have a question from a customer regarding the ADC Interface on Figure 60 of the datasheet. ". I am looking into driving a pair of ADCs with the ADL5505 (the ADCs may be the LT2107, LT2208 or an AD9268). Figure 60 in the data sheet shows a sample…

  • ADL5205 chain


    i'm going to use a single ADL5205 where the two stages will be connected (DC coupled) in a serial way in order to have more wide programmable gain. For sure i've to take care of level in the middle avoiding saturation.
    Is there any app note…

  • ADL5205 Output pins 3.3V?


    My customer asked the following question on operating via SPI and what voltage is needed for output pins. I saw in the datasheet that SPI requires 3.3V, but he is operating the device from 5V supply.. Also, can you give me the design files, schematic…

  • Ad9694 VCM to ADL5205

    I would like to use a ADL5205 DC coupled to a AD9694. The default Vocm  of the ADL5205 is Vpos/2 = 1.65 V. The typical VCM for the input of the AD9694 is 1.34 so I intend to use VCM_AB & VCM_CD of the AD9694 to drive the VCM inputs of the ADL5205.


  • ADL5205 maximum gain


    I received some questions from our customer. The customer tried to simulation of ADL5205 using ADL5205 S-Parameters on ADI WEB site. But he got 20dB for maximum gain. Could you please refer attached file?

    The questions are followings,

     - Could…