• ADL5205 and ADL5206_OP1dB

    Dear team,

    Could we know the OP1dB about the following 2 parts?

    1. ADL5205 : OP1dB at 1GHz and 1.2GHz

    2. ADL5206 : OP1dB at 1GHz and 1.2GHz

    Application is IF smapling receiver or IF amplification.

    I am looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you.


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    Using our own development platform I am unable to read from/write to the ADL5205 SPI interface. The clock is 1MHz, I have tried both CPOL/CPHA = 0 and 1 as the datasheet is unclear (fig 54-56) which is expected. Mode pins are 01 (SPI) and device is operating…

  • ADL5205 SE AC coupled input

    Is it possible to connect up the ADL5205 with a single ended AC coupled input to make use of the internal biasing? How would you recommend doing this?

    I have seen that question ez.analog.com/.../442746 is similar, but this asks specifically about DC rather…

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    As an extension to this question, how would you connect this for an AC coupled, single-ended signal?

  • ADL5205 - Output Voltage Swing and Output Current

    Dear ADI Support Team,

    I would like to understand how did you measure the P1dB=+17dBm (exact freq point is not important)? There is confusion present, since the datasheet gives data for the chip itself and the eval board (S parameters) includes output…

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    I'm trying to understand the FA0 and FA1 bits when the ADL5205 is used with the SPI digital interface.

    The input attenuation (0 to 23 dB) and amplifier gain (14 to 26 dB) seem to be simultaneously controlled by the gain control bits (D0 - D5). Then…

  • ADL5205

    First, is there a Keysight Genesys system model for the ADL5205?  I downloaded the latest .zip from ADI but I don't see that part listed when I install the Genesys v20 files.

    Second, On my eval board, I see the nearly 26 dB voltage gain (13 dB power…

  • Is there an LTSpice model for ADL5205? If not, could one be generated?


    So far as I can see, the only simulation tools available for ADL5205 are S-parameters, which include the 50 Ohm test setup as well as the 10 Ohm internal output impedance. Is there an LTSpice model available for this part, or simulation S-params without…

  • RE: ADL5205 Maximum input voltage swing

    Hi Ben,

    I am confused.  So what is the maximum input level the 5205 will safely tolerate?  I am designing an input protection circuit for it and it seems the attenuator steps in dB-Power, and the amplifier gain is in dB-Volts.

    With the part set wide open…

  • ADL5205 output

    I use ADL5205 as a digitally controlled amplifier, the use mode is parallel digital interface mode, set the amplifier pins (B5~B0) to 010000 (10dB gain), but the oscilloscope did not find a 10dB gain, but -9dB gain, and The output magnification remains…