• ADL5201 or ADL5202 in cascade configuration

    Re-posting the same question as there was no response.

    For our receiver design, we needed high gain amplifiers and wide range of gain control in the Intermediate Frequency (IF) section. Our IF frequency is 21MHz and we need >60dB gain control range…

  • ADL5201 - Output impedance and Gain


    Does the gain of ADL5201 dependent on the output Load? We are planning to use another Differential amplifier (AD8352) at the output of ADL5201 to provide Multi-stage gain. AD8352 has high input impedance, so it should be possible for ADL5201 to drive…

  • ADL5201 Common Mode Input Voltage


    In table 1 of the ADL5201 data sheet it states that the input can be +/-10V p-p if the attentaution is set at -11.5db.

    Yet, in table 2 the absolute maximum VIN+ and VIN- specifications provided don't tally with the above figure.

    Does anyone…

  • ADL5201 SDIO pin logic output drive

    The ADL5201 datasheet provides the input information
    however I didn't see any information regard Voh / Vol
    or Ioh / Iol for SDIO.

    I don't see a separate supply for SPI though the datasheet
    lists 3.6v as the maximum input rating for A0 - A5 ...

  • ADL5201中LC滤波的问题


  • Queries about ADL5201 Output Level of SDIO

    Dear supporters,

    I have a question about ADL5201 SDIO output. If SDIO works as logic ouput, is 2.5V or 3.3V for logic high output?

    I don't find any specification in the datasheet and need your confirmation here.




  • RE: ADL5201: Timing between SPI and analog gain step

    My previous question is not clear. If the ADL5201 is controlled by SPI, when does the analog gain changes? Is it after the rising edge of CS, or after the 20th clock cycle?

  • 关于ADL5201的DVGA的线性问题


  • Can I use ADL5201 to drive AD9467 from 50khz to 125Mhz

    I want to use ADL5201 to drive AD9467,and the frequency  range  is from  50khz to 125Mhz. I designed one circuit ,and used AC coupled. but after test, it showed that the frequency was only from 5Mhz to 125Mhz. The Signal amplitude was very low at 50khz …

  • RE: AD9268 input protection

    Hi Donald,

    You have correctly listed the maximum input voltage on the analog input pins (AVDD +0.2V).  There are ESD diodes present, but the maximum voltage should not be exceeded or damage to the device can occur.  Placing clamping diodes on the analog…