• ADIS16507 breakout board dimensions/drawings

    Hello everyone...

    Does someone have correct drawings of ADIS16507-1/PCBZ breakout board, since the drawings in the device datasheet are ambiguous? Thanks.


  • ADIS16507 gyro spin rate and vacuum survivability

    1. Is the ADIS16507 able to survive an axial spin rate of about 3,000 deg/s for 10 to 20 minutes while unpowered?
    2. Is the device sensitive to vaccum?
  • MEMS gyroscope

    How could I get the mechanical structure and the electric structure of a MEMS gyroscope ,like ADIS16507?

  • RE: ADXRS646-EP Datasheet Figure 6


    it seems that there is a typo in the Figure 6, thanks for noticing. I will work with our editorial team to correct it. 

    From what I have been able to learn, through review of internal design documentation, there are process variation that causes…

  • Yocto Layer for ADIS1675


    In short: I'm building my OS with yocto and I'd like to add a driver for IMU ADIS1607 (anything but the ease of use is a plus) as part of this build. 

    In details:

    I'm building a prototype on a raspberryPi4. My application uses an ADIS IMU…

  • pyadi-iio support for ADRV9002


    I'm trying to access a ADRV9002 board through pyadi-iio library and libiio with the current (and hopefully newest) versions:

    >>> iio.version
    (0, 21, 'b23a03b')
    >>> adi.__version__

    But I get this error when…

  • Not Your Father's Farm

    Eager to increase the yields of their crops and improve margins on their business, farmers have embraced tech. One example is the GPS-guided tractor or harvester. There’s even a new term for this trend - Precision Agriculture.


    You’re not mistaken…