• Impossible to obtain data from ADIS16507


    I want to use my ADIS16507-1 sensor on my Raspberry Pi 4

    I compile my kernel on a VM with the right driver and put it on an SD card to use this sensor on my Raspberry

    As stated here: https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers…

  • ADIS16500 as ADIS16507-3 substitute

    Since ADIS16507-3 is not sufficiently in stock anywhere, we are considering ADIS16500 as substitute.

    Functionally the devices seem identical. From our comparison of the data sheets, the only difference is the temperature calibration range.

    Could you confirm…

  • ADIS16507 breakout board dimensions/drawings

    Hello everyone...

    Does someone have correct drawings of ADIS16507-1/PCBZ breakout board, since the drawings in the device datasheet are ambiguous? Thanks.


  • ADIS16507 gyro spin rate and vacuum survivability

    1. Is the ADIS16507 able to survive an axial spin rate of about 3,000 deg/s for 10 to 20 minutes while unpowered?
    2. Is the device sensitive to vaccum?
  • Yocto Layer for ADIS1675


    In short: I'm building my OS with yocto and I'd like to add a driver for IMU ADIS1607 (anything but the ease of use is a plus) as part of this build. 

    In details:

    I'm building a prototype on a raspberryPi4. My application uses an ADIS IMU…

  • SPI driver adis16475 has no spi_device_id for adi,adis16470


    I want to use my ADIS16507-1 sensor on my Raspberry Pi 4.

    I compiled my kernel by adding the driver that I put in modules.

    However when I load my modules, there are errors:

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo modprobe adis16475
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg 

  • MEMS gyroscope

    How could I get the mechanical structure and the electric structure of a MEMS gyroscope ,like ADIS16507?

  • RE: ADXRS646-EP Datasheet Figure 6


    it seems that there is a typo in the Figure 6, thanks for noticing. I will work with our editorial team to correct it. 

    From what I have been able to learn, through review of internal design documentation, there are process variation that causes…

  • ADIS1647x Scale Sync Mode Demonstration


    The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the ADIS1647x's Scale Sync Mode, using standard evaluation tools.   


    • ADIS16477-3/PCBZ
    • Dell Precision 5550 (x64-based PC), with Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (…