• RE: ADIS16505-3 timestamp/data repetition

    Hello. Is there any further suggestion on this ?

    Thank you.

  • accel LSB for ADIS16505


    in datasheet of ADIS16505 on page 26 is written that

    table 27, 32, 36-  range is +-78.3 m/sec2  /32000 = 0.002446875 m/s  and then 1LSB is 2.45mm/sec2 

    table 1 - Dynamic Range +-78.4m/sec2  ,  if range is +-78.4 m/sec2  /32000 = 0.0024500 m/s

    which range and…

  • The Data Ready signal of my ADIS16505 is weird.

    Dear ADI Engineers:

    I met a question when I use an ADIS16505 model. I want to use its data-ready signal to interrupt my DSP. However, the signal is weird. 

    I do not change any default settings. I make sure the value of the MSC_CTRL register is 0x00C1 so…

  • ADIS16505-1BMLZ Theta jb

    Hi Experts:

    Could you please provide ADIS16505-1BMLZ Theta jb value for PCB thermal simulation.


  • RE: IMU ADIS16505 control register writing problem


    Thank you for the post. In order to write to the MSC_CTRL register (or any register), the IMU must have completed its autonomous reset recovery (initialization) process. IMU initialization is required after either power up, a toggle of the rst…

  • ADIS16505 data reading problem

    Hi!Recently I purchased an ADIS16505 sensor and there was a problem reading the data.

    I designed a PCB for the ADIS16505  sensor and connected it to the FPGA board(Pic 1 &Pic 2), then read sensor data through FPGA IO pins.

    I follow these steps:


  • RE: ADIS16505 Bias repeatablity for differnt Axis!

    It appears like this is a duplicate thread, for what was discussed in this forum. Please let me know if this was intended to ask a different question. Thank you! 


  • ADIS16505数据读取问题








    将0x6800换成0x7200,按理说会收到PROD_ID 0x4079,可是结果跟发送0x6800结果一样



  • ADIS16505 ADC


    Does the ADIS16505 have a built-in ADC? Am i right to think that the triaxial accelerometer is sampled using a 32-bit ADC since the datasheet states that the data can be outputted in a 32 bit format?