• RE: Is ADIS16497 fully compliant with ADIS16480

    Thanks for clarifying that. I am sorry that I didn't offer this with my first reply, but there are some differences. 

    • ADIS16497 does not have a magnetometer
    • ADIS16497 does not have a barometer
    • ADIS16497 sample rate is 4250
    • ADIS16497 scale…
  • RE: Unable to calculate gyro and accel angles with ADIS16497 burst data samples.

    Dear Kshekar264,

    Are you trying to calculate angle or angular rate of rotation?  The gyroscopes (in the ADIS16497) actually measure angular rate of rotation, not angles.  It seems like you might be asking for help in figuring out how to implement the delta…

  • RE: Are datasheet parameter values pre/post calibration?

    Dear Kevin K,

    Thank you for the post. 

    I apologize if anything in the datasheet was misleading about the filtering function of the ADIS16497 IMU.

    The calibration function applies fixed correction factors which are coded into the device during the factory…

  • Calculate angle by ADIS16497

    Hi All

    I have a #ADIS16497 module and I want to stabilize a table with two degrees of freedom.the table is rotate by servo motors and I have an absolute encoder to recognize the angle. How can calculate the angle from ADIS16497 I tried to calculate integrated…

  • RE: ADIS16497 does not output data during burst read

    Thank you for your post. Could you provide a picture of the label(s) on your ADIS16497?

  • RE: is adis16497 available for sample? and how to buy? Thx

    The ADIS16497 is not available for sampling or purchase at this time.  Do you presently use other ADIS16xxx products? 

  • Bias Repeatability of Accelerometers of MEMS IMU ?

    Bias repeatability of Accelerometers  of ADIS16497-2, ADIS1467-2 and ADIS16477-2 has not been provided in datasheet of the products. Please provide an estimate of bias repeatability of accelerometers.

  • Regarding GUI of ADIS16497

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    we want to read the Burst data from ADIS16497-2BMLZ  through  GUI of Analog devices. is it possible to read Burst data kindly let me know the process.
    ravi kumar
  • ADIS16497 vibration durability and TEB

    Hello All!


    I am looking for information about ADIS16497 vibration durability and Total Error Bandwidth of Accelerometer and Gyroscope measurements. 


    If you don’t have information about TEB, can I calculate it like this?


    TEB= Repeatability[% FS…

  • FAQ: ADIS16495 Pin Compatibility with the ADIS16485


    Can I connect pin 23 on the ADIS16495, to +VDD, like I could on the ADIS16485?



    Yes, while the current datasheet specifies this as a “do not connect” pin, this pin is not connected to anything inside of the ADIS16495 package, so it is OK to leave…