• ADIS16497 - Method to determine the coordinate of ADIS16497 Signal.

    Dear Technical Support Team,

    I have trouble with determining the physical coordinate of ADIS16497. After mounting the IMU, I need to specify the physical coordinate of the IMU so that fits the signal of the sensor. However, I wonder if I can use the Edge…

  • Calculate angle by ADIS16497

    Hi All

    I have a #ADIS16497 module and I want to stabilize a table with two degrees of freedom.the table is rotate by servo motors and I have an absolute encoder to recognize the angle. How can calculate the angle from ADIS16497 I tried to calculate integrated…

  • ADIS16497 configurable

    Hi Is ADIS 16497 gyroscope dynamic range configurable?

    ADIS-16497-1 is shown to have gyro dynamic range of 125dps can it be changed to 2000dps?

    thank you

  • ADIS16497-2 command


    For ADIS16497, each register is byte accessible. If I want to configure the device, do I need to send two commands to write to both the lower byte higher byte of the register for the configuration to take effect?

    For example, if I want to toggle a…

  • ADIS16497 FIR filters phase response?

    I would like to have phase response graphs for the ADIS16497 default FIR filters (A,B,C and D). Is this available?

    And how where the filters calculated? Any MATLAB script for example so I can recreate the calculations?

    And is there a graph for the sensor…

  • Regarding GUI of ADIS16497

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    we want to read the Burst data from ADIS16497-2BMLZ  through  GUI of Analog devices. is it possible to read Burst data kindly let me know the process.
    ravi kumar
  • ADIS16497-2BMLZ accelerometer data-Reg

    Dear SIr/Madam,

    We have ADIS16497-2BMLZ having 40g and 450 deg/s accelerometer and gyroscope. We have used for one of my project related to missile technology in this our launch acceleration sensed by sensor is 40g, But due to some vibration ADIS16497…

  • ADIS16497 vibration durability and TEB

    Hello All!


    I am looking for information about ADIS16497 vibration durability and Total Error Bandwidth of Accelerometer and Gyroscope measurements. 


    If you don’t have information about TEB, can I calculate it like this?


    TEB= Repeatability[% FS…

  • Is ADIS16497 fully compliant with ADIS16480

    I have a design using an ADIS16488 that I want to upgrade with an ADIS16497. Are they fully compliant, or do I have to adapt my software driver ? Registers set of both looks very similar but I didn't go through the entire list.



  • ADIS16497 does not output data during burst read

    I try to read data from the ADIS16497 using burst read. But I don't get any data. The IMU should output a BURST_ID (0xA5A5) in segment 1. I don't even get that (see file burst_read.png).

    If I read the PROD_ID I get the correct product id value…