• ADIS16495 Decimation Rate

    Hi AD,

    I have configured the ADIS16495-1 for a decimation rate of 5. I have written 4 into the decimation register, and am expecting data at 4250/5 =850Hz. I am able to get data from required registers at this rate. But after quite a long period of continuous…

  • What is the difference between ADIS16495 and ADIS16495-1BMLZ?


    What is the difference between these two products? There is a huge difference between the prices? I thought that -1BMLZ one is sending measured, sensed, and filtered data to output. Am I right?

  • Life of ADIS16495 in vacuum environment

    1. what is the expected life (in years) of ADIS16495-1 IMU under continuous operation at 60degC in Vacuum environment

    2. Is there any flight heritage for this part in Low earth orbit satellite (Nano/Micro satellites) missions?

    3. Is there any recommended…

  • ADIS16495 lost sensor connection

    I would like to ask your help in the following case:

    I am using the Analog Devices Kuiper Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 A+, with adapterboard RevA from:  https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/adi-imu-driver/tree/master/hardware   to connect an ADIS16495 sensor.


  • ADIS16495 Bust Mode problems


    First post here and first time with ADIS16495.

    At the moment we successfully managed the standard SPI communication reading PROD_ID, reading & writing FNCTIO_CTRL, reading & writing PAGE_ID, etc. without problems,
    Now we need to use BURST Mode…

  • ADIS16495 is not responding


    I am using ADIS16495.

    At first, I started by reading to its product ID but there is no response to the DOUT line means ADIS16495 not responding to its.

    Please suggest any debug options so that i will check ADIS16495 is working or not. 

  • ADIS16495 SPI Communication issue, requests for manufacturer defined, read-only registers do not come back as expected.

    Hello, ive just started to experiment with an ADIS16495 IMU.  My first test was to write firmware to get known registers from the device and verify correct operation.  I have configured the SPI to mode 3, and verified on a scope that the resulting clock…

  • ADIS16495 / ADIS16475 Evaluation board dimensions (outer diameter, hole diameter, etc.)


    I am considering an IMU.

    I'm thinking of arranging the evaluation board and making a jig.
    At that time, the detailed dimensions of the evaluation board are required.
    I would like to know the exact parameter for the following boards.

    ① ADIS16IMU1…

  • ADIS16495 communication problem


    I have some problems to communicate properly with the ADIS16495-2 IMU.
    Sometimes I get a response over SPI which is complete zeros. For example if I query the PROD_ID sometimes the result is 0 instead of 16495.

    I make two transactions with the IMU…

  • ADIS16495 External sync and decimation filter

    Hello Team, I was hoping to post this sooner, but I got involved into many assignments.

    Recently running a support together with Mark Looney, we found one information in the set_freq (adis16480.c:380) function in the driver that it seems like in PPS Mode…