• Comment on ADIS16490 Datasheet Error: Incorrect Pin Assignments

    This problem has been addressed in Rev A of the ADIS16490's datasheet, which can be found at www.analog.com/ADIS16490

  • Questions about ADIS16490

    Hi, I have some questions about ADIS16490:

    Question1: I am wondering if there are some mismatch of the descriptions of the shock survivability of the ADIS16490, the datasheet show it is 2000g  on page1 firstly, but it mention that is 1500g on page7 sec…

  • RE: Calculate gyro total error?

    Your objective is highly unlikely with the ADIS16490

  • RE: What gyroscope is suitable for detecting azimuth of a ship?

    I understand where you are coming from.  In cases like this, I tend to recommend starting with the best performance in early trials, then once feasibility and adequate performance are validated, use that platform to explore opportunity to optimize the…

  • RE: Is the ADIS16490 iSensor a strapdown or free space IMU?

    Thank you! That is that what I thought you meant. The ADIS16490 doesn't provide that level of sensor processing. 


  • ADIS16490的配置寄存器


  • ADIS16490 - Arduino Code Examples

    Check this link out, for a simple starter design, which leverages Teensy 3.2 board and some C++ code that was written in the Arduino development environment. 


    This code will be a great starting point…

  • ADIS16490 - incorrect factory calibration?

    On our ADIS16490, the factory bias calibration for two of the gyro axes seems to be completely wrong. After doing a factory calibration restore, if the IMU is standing still, and we plot the outputs, one of the delta angle outputs is close to zero, and the…