• ADIS16488A Sample Timing

    I saw a timing diagram showing the sensor sample order in a thread about the 16448.

    RE: ez.analog.com/message/249471#comment-249471

    Is a similar diagram for the ADIS16488A available?

  • Regarding ADIS16488A


    ADIS16488A is suggested as a replacement of ADIS16488 on the link http://www.analog.com/en/products/mems/isensor-mems-inertial-measurement-units/adis16488.html

    In its ordering guide, parts don't include A. ADIS16488BMLZ and CMLZ.  Is it right…

  • ADIS16488A pressure intake

    Hi. Where is located the ADIS16488A pressure intake? Can I use a IP67 case?

  • ADIS16488A Sensor Overrange

    Have been testing an ADIS16488A and we are seeing Sensor Overrange (bit 4 in the SYS_E_FLAG register) set.

    We have a couple of questions.

    1) What criteria are used to set this flag?

    2) How can we determine which sensor is causing the bit to be set…

  • ADIS16488A Barometer Access

    The MEMS IMU ADIS16488A offers built in Barometer for static pressure sensing. The datasheet of said IMU shows no static pressure inlet port connection. If there is no connection available to connect is to Pitot  Tube then IMU must be non sealed to sense…

  • ADIS16488A Data Ready

    I had to lay off the IMU for a while to work on other project, but good news is that I have the ADIS16488A working just about 100%. I am using a Raspberry Pi to communicate with the IMU and have no problems configuring the registers or reading data. The…

  • ADIS16488A SPI Communication Troubles

    Hey everybody, first post here, so let me know if I leave out some vital information.

    I work in a lab at a school, and we have been trying to read data from our ADIS16488A IMU with a Beaglebone Black's SPI interface. I have studied the spec sheet of…

  • Bias Null Command in ADIS16488A

    Dear Friends,

    This question is mainly for the Analog engineers who work on IMUs.

    We are evaluating one of the IMU sensors - ADIS16488A.

    There is a command 'Bias Null Command' which averages data for some time (~26 sec) and removes the average value…

  • FAQ: ADIS16488A Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16488A Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?


  • Difference between ADIS16480 and ADIS16488A?


        Im looking for a IMU unit to get roll, pitch and yaw measurements. Screening for 9 or more degrees of freedom, I could see there are 4 suggestions - ADIS 16488A, ADIS 16448, ADIS 16480 and ADIS16405, of which first 3 are of 10 degrees of freedom…