• Difference between ADIS16480 and ADIS16488A?


        Im looking for a IMU unit to get roll, pitch and yaw measurements. Screening for 9 or more degrees of freedom, I could see there are 4 suggestions - ADIS 16488A, ADIS 16448, ADIS 16480 and ADIS16405, of which first 3 are of 10 degrees of freedom…

  • RE: ADIS16488A Barometer Access

    You are correct. The barometer function in the ADIS16488A senses the environment around it, as the ADIS16488A is not hermetically sealed.

  • RE: Inquiry of Vibration Rectification Error for ADIS16488A & ADIS16497

    For the ADIS16488A, I can offer that the gyroscope VRE will be similar to that of the ADIS16497. 

    For the accelerometers in the ADIS16488A, I believe that they are in the region of the 0.1mg/g^2, but that does presume that no saturation is occurring.  

  • Regarding ADIS16488A


    ADIS16488A is suggested as a replacement of ADIS16488 on the link http://www.analog.com/en/products/mems/isensor-mems-inertial-measurement-units/adis16488.html

    In its ordering guide, parts don't include A. ADIS16488BMLZ and CMLZ.  Is it right…

  • Disable the magnetometer on ADIS16488A possible?


    If I didn't want to use the magnetometer on the ADIS16488A, is it possible to disable it and save the power needed to operate it?

  • RE: 惯性测量单元(IMU)的选型问题


  • Comment on ADIS16488A Datasheet: ~CS Logic 0 Input Current Specification

    ADIS16488A datasheet now reflects the information that is presented in the UPDATE row of the table in this post. Thank you!

  • RE: ADIS16488 long-lasting performance

    Regarding the datasheets:

    ADIS16488A document contains this error.

    There is no ADIS16488 datasheet available on the website, but a local copy on my computer also has it.