• Adis16488 box properties


    I have a question regarding the material used in adis16488 box, is the casing made of aluminium? And if I use metal screws to fix the box to pcb, do these screws affect the compass readings?


  • ADIS16488 ICs

    I was wondering if it were possible to find out what gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer the ADIS16488 used?  For our application, using the ADIS16488AMLZ is not ideal.  Though acceptable for testing the performance, the size of the ADIS16488AML…

  • Errors in ADIS16488

    Hi again, NevadaMark

    In our project we can generate a case, when we see simultaniously tree errors in the ErrorStatus register of ADIS16488: SPI, overrange and self-test. We can say, that this result is repeatable and we achieve every time we reconstruct…

  • ADIS16488 Evaluation Tools

    What tools are available for the ADIS16488?  Where do I find information for them?

  • ADIS16488 SPI Extension

    Is there anyway to get more distance between the ADIS16488 and the EVAL-ADIS? I am not sure if 12 inches will be enough.

  • ADIS16488 Gyro Output Noise


    When using ADIS16488 to acquire the raw data, I found that the output noise of gyro is too big when the ADIS16488 is static. For your reference, the pitch value of ADIS16488 is attached below. From the figure, it is easy to see that the output noise…

  • Adis16488 PROD_ID FFFF


    I have 2 pieces of Adis 16488 - one is working correctly and one gives wrong information to output (it's always shows that there is a very big acceleration).

    I wrote an utility to read it's filter banks coefficients and reading PROD_ID.…

  • ADIS16488 shock operation

    About the operating shock, we have the maximum rating in table-3. As I
    understand from your explanation, the part will operate un-normally but not
    damaged when the shock is larger than 100g and smaller than 2000g. And the
    operation will…
  • ADIS16488 SPI Write

    I was able to successfully read the PROD_ID register from the ADIS16488, and now am trying to figure out writing to the 16-bit registers.  In the example & description found on page 10 of the manual for this part, it shows how to write to the PAGE_ID register…

  • ADIS16488 wrong acceleration data?

    Hi all,

    I'm using ADIS16488 and have connected it to a mcu to read its regiters through an SPI protocol. It was working fine until recently I realized that some regiters are sending wrong values. For example, Z_ACCL_OUT was something like -14.8 (the…