• ADIS16488

    Hello, about ADIS16488:

    are supply voltage(3.0-3.6 volt) on this module is noise sensitive?

    and what is limitation related to noise floor for input voltage?



  • ADIS16488

    你好,请问有没有人知道ADIS16488手册中的In-Run Bias Stability属性中5.1°/ hr是怎么算的,是指Allan方差中的偏见不稳定吗?以下是我计算的Allan方差图:我测的数据中Angular Random Walk为0.67,而手册中给的为0.26°/ hr-0.5,我计算的偏差不稳定为17°/ hr,请问手册中的In-Run Bias Stability如何计算并定义?我的采样频率为100Hz的。且感觉与手册中的艾伦方差图差太多,噪声也较大,请问有没有合适的解决方法…

  • RE: ADIS16488

    Thank you for the follow-up question.  We don't have specific application literature for this operation, but can share that this author comes up a lot, when we ask our customers for appropriate sources, to share with others.  I hope that this helps…

  • ADIS16488

    您好,我想请问ADIS16488能输出各个轴的方位角吗? 就是基于东北天坐标系,各个轴的输出角度?

    还有就是 在使用数据抓取的时候,需要先对ADIS16488进行校准操作吗?

  • ADIS16488

    你好,请问有没有人知道ADIS16488手册中的In-Run Bias Stability属性中 5.1°/hr是怎么算的,是指Allan方差中的Bias Instability吗?以下是我计算的Allan方差图:我测的数据中Angular Random Walk  为0.67,而手册中给的为0.26°/hr-0.5,我计算的Bias Instability为17°/hr,请问手册中的In-Run Bias Stability如何计算并定义?我的采样频率为100Hz。且感觉与手册中的Allan方差图差太多…

  • ADIS16488

    1、Is calibration required before use?

    2、How is the X_DELTANG、 Y_DELTANG、 Z_DELTANG calculated?

    3、How to get azimuth?

  • ADIS16488 output abnormal!!

    hello,someone could help me to  explain the follow figure phenomenon in the acceleration process ?  (ADIS16488)

    its acceleration output is not continous incresement.

    ADIS16488 output abnormal!!

  • ADIS16488

    I want to know What's the difference between Scaled Data and Unscaled Data?

  • Synchronization of ADIS16488


    Like this article, 

    synchronization of the ADIS16488 with GPS 

    I also have a GPSR/IMU integrated system with the requirement of the synchronization. The sampling rate of ADIS16488 will be 200HZ, which should be synchronized with the GPSR PPS signal…

  • ADIS16488 Calibration

    I am using an ADIS16488AMLZ IMU as a reference device for an IMU test/calibration system. I'd like to calibrate/verify the device, as it will be the basis for calibration of any devices under test. I'm not an expert in sensor technology, but my current…