• ADIS16488 shock operation

    About the operating shock, we have the maximum rating in table-3. As I
    understand from your explanation, the part will operate un-normally but not
    damaged when the shock is larger than 100g and smaller than 2000g. And the
    operation will become…

  • FAQ: ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?


    How do I determine if I should use the ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?



    The ADIS16480 or ADIS16488 use exactly the same hardware and calibration routines…

  • FAQ: ADIS16488 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16488 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?




  • FAQ: Testing Delta Angle Function in the ADIS16488


    Do you have a simple way to demonstrate the delta-angle function in the ADIS16488?



    Try this out:

    1. Read each Z_DELTANG_OUT and Z_DELTANG_LOW…
  • ADIS16488

    When I install the USB connection programs for the ADIS16488 and ADIS16495 at the same time, why can't the respective software be opened at the same time to record data?

  • Additional resolution in ADIS16488


    I am a little confused about the  "Additional Resolution" bits of GYRO, ACCL, ... and so on. According to the definition of GYRO_LOW in the datasheet, 

    "The MSB has a weight of 0.01°/sec, and each subsequent bit has 1⁄2 the weight of the…

  • ADIS16488

    Does X_DELTANG represent the Euler angle of rotation about the x-axis? or its the roll? yaw?  pitch?

  • ADIS16488

    您好,我想请问ADIS16488能输出各个轴的方位角吗? 就是基于东北天坐标系,各个轴的输出角度?

    还有就是 在使用数据抓取的时候,需要先对ADIS16488进行校准操作吗?

  • ADIS16488

    I want to know What's the difference between Scaled Data and Unscaled Data?