• ADIS16485

    what happened to the ADIS16

  • ADIS16485 calibration

    I have two questions

    1. How to use Bias Repeatability, In run bias stability, angular random walk and Bias temperature coefficient along with the Read Gyroscope data.

    2. What are the steps to be followed in order to match my performance with the Gyroscope…

  • ADIS16485- 3 questions


    1-     ADIS16485- Which controller is used inside the chip?

    2-     The ADIS16485 can provide 16 or 32 bits measurements resolutions as specified in data sheet tables 14,15,16  and 21,22,23 and 28,29,30   using the additional resolution bits. How is this 32…

  • Interface doubts for ADIS16485

    I am using ADIS16485 to monitor rate of my system. I am able to read gyro data. But some time I am getting spikes in gyro output. I have below doubts

    • From data sheet by default DIO2 will work as data ready pin. With present configuration I am not…
  • ADIS16485 - Problems with PROD_ID

    I have an ADIS16485, which I want to interface to a development board with an ARM7 microcontroller. To facilitate the interfacing, I prepared a specific card for the IMU (shown on IMU_setup.jpeg), but I'm having some issues to retrieve the PROD_ID value…

  • ADIS16485 to Arduino Connection?

    Hi guys,

    I am new to using the ADIS16485 and I have purchased the ADIS iSensor Evaluation Board to mount the sensor. I am trying to read the outputs from the sensor and I was wondering how to do this. My goal is to connect the output to an Arduino Due…

  • Understanding ADIS16485 data

    Hello NevadaMark and All,

    I am having trouble understanding the data from ADIS16485 when the device is a rest.  In the following serial port monitoring the GYRO data is before dividing by 50 to convert to degree/second, and the ACCL data is before dividing…

  • Good microcontroller board for adis16485 ?

    Hello All, I have no experience with IMUs nor with microcontrollers.  Is the Arduino Due a good microcontroller board to use with the adis16485/pcb ?  Thanks for the help.  -TallDave

  • ADIS16485 and ADIS16375- SPI issue?


    We are using both ADIS16485 and ADIS16375.

    We have succeeded to activate the ADIS16485 IMU with our Controller.

    We have made some dynamic tests on the IMU calibration jig and got reasonable results.

    We could not make the ADIS16375 unit work…

  • ADIS16485 - SPI tSTALL

    I do not understand the tStall time from the Datasheet I think!

    So as an example when i read the prodid i use the following function.

    unsigned int GetProdID(void)


         uint16_t tmp;



        delay_2us(); // for tStall ??