• EKF_CNFG on ADIS16480

    To whom it may concern.
    I have an ADIS16480. I want to understand if EKF_CNFG (bit #3) can help me to directly measure the absolute height reached from my spherical object in wich i fit my IMU.
    Thank you so much.

  • adis16480 issues

    Hi Mark,

    I have some questions with adis16480,

    1. in this post, Alignment/initialization of the ADIS16480, you said 'The magnetometer influences all three axes but is more influential on the yaw axis, which cannot use accelerometer-based orientation…

  • ADIS16480 EKF

    Good afternoon,

             I'm working with a ADIS16480  to test attitude estimation algorithms.

    I have noticed that, trying to acquire sensors measurements in the body frame and attitude estimation from the IMU, the informations from accelerometers, gyros…

  • ADIS16480 issue

    Hi all,


    We've been using the ADIS16480 in a UAV application and it used to work perfectly. However recently we noticed about 30° of error on the yaw output value (we were not using this value in the past, so it might or might not have been wrong from…

  • ADIS16480 problems


    I've been working for a while with an ADIS16480 integrated in an ARM cortex processor.

    It was working perfectly, but recently I tried to calibrate the magnetometer in order to get a more stable yaw.

    I started changing the Body Frame/Local…

  • ADIS16480 absolute Yaw angle

    how can I get absolute yaw angle base on North, with ADIS16480. I found that after initializing 16480 in different places, different yaw angles are measured in the same direction.

  • FAQ: ADIS16480 Evaluation Software


    Does the EVAL-ADIS and IMU Evaluation software package offer support for the newly released ADIS16480?



    Yes! IMU Evaluation, version 1.2, offers…

  • ADIS16480 Temperature Status/Alarm

    Is there a way to get over temperature status/alarm for ADIS16480 IMU module.

  • ADIS16480 Yaw angle drifts



    I am trying to use ADIS16480 . Only  yaw angle which is read via SPI keeps drifting. Roll and Pitch angles are stable. Do you have any suggestion about this situation?


    Thank you.


    Ali Temel

  • FAQ: ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?


    How do I determine if I should use the ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?



    The ADIS16480 or ADIS16488 use exactly the same hardware and calibration routines…