• MTBF or Failure Rate ADIS16480

    Is there any MTTF or MTBF or Failure rate data available for ADIS16480?



  • ADIS16480


    In my project I use the sensor  ADIS16480 to determine the pitch and roll during movement of a car. I need to know a value of an angle accurate to 1 degree. At the moment I use Euler Angles. The settings of the sensor   are used by default …

  • ADIS16480 Datasheet Updates

    While we make every effort to provide accurate information in our datasheets, we do experience occasional mistakes and plan to start using this forum to provide early, public notification of any errors that we discover. In the ADIS16480 datasheet, revision…


    When I read the DELTANG registers, I seem to get the same value as the gyro registers, just scaled by 1/2460. The integration isn't happening. I had the impression these would integrate constantly, but am I mistaken and they are reset every time they…


    1. We intend to use the IMU Package from Analog Devices (ADIS16480) in our nano-sat and use the Quaternion information from IMU to maintain the spacecraft  in an inertially fixed orientation. Alternately, we may also keep the spacecraft in the earth pointing…
  • ADIS16480 gyro issue

    I'm trying to read the gyro_x  OUT and LOW registers, but there is an awkward problem. There are continuous variable values unless the ADIS16480 has a fixed position without varying it.

    I tried also to read the pitch, roll, and yaw, The values were…

  • ADIS16480 Accelerometers


    I've been using ADIS16485 and every thing worked well.

    When I switched to ADIS16480 I see that the x,y accelerometers are always turning to 0 is static conditions even if they expirence gravity.

    Is there a certain mode that I have to send the…

  • ADIS16480 bringup problems

    Dear All,

    I've an ADIS16480 unit and I am trying to interface with it using an Arduino UNO board. I am having some difficulties and want your help with that.

    I am using the PCB IMU1 breakout board with the module for easier interfacing.


  • ADIS16480 Data Inconsistencies


    We’re using SPI to communicate with an ADIS16480. I'm noticing inconsistencies in some of the values reported by the device:

    (1) When reading the yaw Euler angle register (0x6e), the angle changes from the max positive value (180*(2^15-1)/2…

  • About ADIS16480

    Hello! Please help to understand a several things regarding the ADIS16480

    1. ADIS16480 datasheet p. 31, table 95, bit 8 "Adaptive EKF enable". Do I understand correct that if the bit 8 value is equal to "1" then Adaptive EKF is enabled? And if the Adaptive…