• RE: Enquiry for 9-axis IMU

    Hi siqi,

    I work on MWD drilling instruments for many years. I have ADIS16480 in my hand and I do a lot test on it.

    I'm sure it can not work on down hole instruments, the reason:

    1, ADIS16480 work current is  too high, it will be very hot if the…

  • How to fix/reduce installation error for adis16480

    Hi there,

    I'm testing adis16480 and eval-adis board. I have two questions for now,

    1. in the doc "ADIS1648x-MechDesignTips-02.pdf", it says we should use pass-through holes with diameter larger than 2.85mm to mount adis16480. But the eval-adis is…

  • RE: Reading ADIS16480 Accelerometer Data with the Arudino Uno

    don't mind for not replying so long . actually  my ADIS16480 is not working properly. connect to you soon on the accelerometer discussion once  ADIS16480 is repaired.

    vishal sawant

  • ADIS16480


    In my project I use the sensor  ADIS16480 to determine the pitch and roll during movement of a car. I need to know a value of an angle accurate to 1 degree. At the moment I use Euler Angles. The settings of the sensor   are used by default …

  • FAQ: ADIS16480 Accelerometer Doesn't Reflect Gravity-Referenced Orientation


    When I use the ADIS16480, the accelerometers do not reflect the orientation with respect to gravity. They seem to respond to dynamic motion, but always settle back to a state where the x-axis and y-axis are equal to ~0g and the z-axis is equal to…

  • RE: ADIS16375 TIME_YM_OUT register

    I was able to try this on an ADIS16480 and it worked as expected. The ADIS16480 has a similar function to the ADIS16375.  Unfortunately, I am out of the office and don't have an ADIS16375 with me. Any updates on your end? 

  • RE: High Accuracy High Precision Gyro

    Hey Mark,

    Also please check ADIS16480. I want the same kind of a sensor but with a better static accuracy.

    ADIS16480 gives an accuracy of 0.3 for yaw.

    I want this to be at least 0.1 or less.


  • RE: ADIS16480 not change accelerometer

    If you search, "adis16480, accelerometer" in this Engineer Zone, the following link comes up as the second option.  Does this help?

    FAQ: ADIS16480 Accelerometer Doesn't Reflect Gravity-Referenced Orientation

  • Alignment/initialization of the ADIS16480

    The data sheet for the ADIS16480 states a static roll/pitch accuracy of 0.1 degrees. How long does it take the EKF to converge to this accuracy? Are there any requirement regarding movement (angular or linear) of the ADIS16480 in this period?

  • RE: Interfacing an ADIS16480 to a fit-PC2i-C1600


    Instantiating the device via the board file or via devicetree both work equally well. Devicetree is the preferred method on a lot of platforms these days. Converting a spi_board_info into a devicetree entry is straight forward. For example the devicetree…