• ADIS16477-3 Driver Code

    Hi all friends,

    I'm ADI DFAE, recently, our customer was debugging ADIS16477-3 (customer has purchased a set of ADIS16477-3/PCBZ), customer's engineer found their SPI (MCU platform is Frescale K60) read ADIS16477-3 PROD_ID some times is 0x0000, but some…

  • about ADIS16477 misalignment error

    I noticed that ADIS16477 has the following characteristics:
    ±0.1° axis-to-axis misalignment error;
    Nonlinearity 0.2 ;
    Factory calibrated sensitivity, bias, and axial alignment;

    I want to know if the ±0.1° axis-to-axis misalignment error is…

  • Bias Repeatability of Accelerometers of MEMS IMU ?

    Bias repeatability of Accelerometers  of ADIS16497-2, ADIS1467-2 and ADIS16477-2 has not been provided in datasheet of the products. Please provide an estimate of bias repeatability of accelerometers.

  • RE: time delay of 16477

    The latency is in the region of 1.7ms, assuming maximum sample rate and no filtering enabled.  Most of this is in the core gyroscope signal chain (which is not shown in the ADIS16477 datasheet).  I hope that this helps! 

  • ADI's IMU portfolio

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    Please take a look at the attached presentation our ADI's IMU portfolio.

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  • ADIS16477的SPI通信问题



                  时钟频率:937.5 kHZ(ADIS16477要求<2M burstread要求<1M)

                  SPI配置:CPHA=1 CPOL=1      MSB FIRST   16BITMODE


  • RE: Does the gyro of the ADIS16477-3 one axis saturation affect the others?

    Hello Miguel,

    Thank you for your post. The primary point of influence will be through the cross-axis sensitivity.  When one gyroscope saturates, the cross-axial alignment (inside of the ADIS16477 signal chain), will not be able to compensate for the cross…

  • RE: ADIS16470/PCBZ

    What ADIS16470/PCBZ data would you like to have?

    We do not typically endorse the use of our evaluation tools for more than their intended purpose, which is to help our customers get familiar with our products, while they work on integrating them into…

  • Bartlett Window Filter Response in MEMS IMUs


    How do we model the frequency response of the Bartlett Window Filter in the ADIS1646x and ADIS1647x MEMS IMUs?


    NOTE: This information applies to the ADIS16460, ADIS16465, ADIS16467, ADIS16470, ADIS16475 and ADIS16477 MEMS IMUs.