• Data resolution problem and bias problem about ADIS16475

    1. Is the data of ADIS16475 accurate with 16 bits or with 32 bits?

    2. The bias of ADIS16475 is larger just after power on, and smaller after power on when the temperature is stable.Now I use the burst read mode to read the six-axis data and calculate…

  • can adis16475 work in 3-Wire Slave mode???

    Rt  can adis16475 work in 3-Wire Slave mode???

    if not can i always turn CS signal low????

  • ADIS16475陀螺仪偏置问题


  • ADIS16475 Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode

    In the description of Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode on pages 26 and 27 of the ADIS16475 datasheet, the text only refers to "accelerometer samples"; the gyro is not mentioned. My question is: when does the gyro data acquisition take place? Can this…

  • Need I configure ADIS16475 in burst mode

    In burst mode need i configure the IMU in the following command  if i want value after bias correction, in other word if IMU take a self-configuration while it turns on.

  • A question about ADIS16475'S  zero bias repeatability

    referring to datasheet i found adis16475‘s zero bias repeatability which is 0.7°/s . I wanna know if this value  is measured before or after compensation.

    In the colum, it's said that bias repeatability is measure in the temperature of -40 ~85. but…

  • ADIS16475上电需要进行配置吗


  • Mechanical Drawings for the ADIS16475-3 Breakout Board


    I am using the breakout board for the ADIS16475-3 and I want to do a few mechanical tests to the board. However, the mechanical information on pages 32 and 33 of the datasheet do not give all the measurements necessary for what I am trying to accomplish…

  • Test Conditions for "Error over Temperature" specifications for ADIS16475


    We would like to have information about the test conditions for the "Error over Temperature" specification of the ADIS16475.

    For the gyroscope bias it is specified with +-0.2°/s within a range from -40 to 85°C.

    Do you have any information…

  • ADIS16475零偏和零偏重复性是多少