• ADIS16475 Burst Read Function


    do I understand right that only the higher words of the accl and gyro data are transmitted when using burst read function?

    So, if I want to receive "high resolution" IMU data the burst read function is not usable, because I have to reduce the spi…

  • Unplausible Acceleration data using ADIS16475


    we used the evalboard of the ADIS16475 to test this device in an application. We did shaker tests (vibration) and Rotation tests often and for a quite long time and all the data seemed to be fine. The data from our last field test are looking unplausible…

  • ADIS16475 Output Problems using Arduino Due


    I am working with the ADIS16475-1BMLZ, and the rate counts from the gyro outputs of the rate sensor are fluctuating between very high and very low values, seemingly randomly.  The sensor was held stationary while the outputs were generated.  Could…

  • a question about ADIS16475's burst mode

    when ADIS16475 works in burst mode ,when I transmit 0X6800, will ADIS16475's register be locked and not be updated???

    TKS waiting for reply!!

  • Data resolution problem and bias problem about ADIS16475

    1. Is the data of ADIS16475 accurate with 16 bits or with 32 bits?

    2. The bias of ADIS16475 is larger just after power on, and smaller after power on when the temperature is stable.Now I use the burst read mode to read the six-axis data and calculate…

  • can adis16475 work in 3-Wire Slave mode???

    Rt  can adis16475 work in 3-Wire Slave mode???

    if not can i always turn CS signal low????

  • ADIS16475陀螺仪偏置问题


  • Need I configure ADIS16475 in burst mode

    In burst mode need i configure the IMU in the following command  if i want value after bias correction, in other word if IMU take a self-configuration while it turns on.

  • ADIS16475 Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode

    In the description of Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode on pages 26 and 27 of the ADIS16475 datasheet, the text only refers to "accelerometer samples"; the gyro is not mentioned. My question is: when does the gyro data acquisition take place? Can this…

  • A question about ADIS16475'S  zero bias repeatability

    referring to datasheet i found adis16475‘s zero bias repeatability which is 0.7°/s . I wanna know if this value  is measured before or after compensation.

    In the colum, it's said that bias repeatability is measure in the temperature of -40 ~85. but…