• ADIS16475 DIAG_STAT Bit 0 Meaning


    When running the ADIS16475 under burst read mode, I occasionally see some 0x0001 and 0x0002 flags in the DIAG_STAT register. A value of 0x0001 tells me that the register's 0th bit has been set, which the datasheet says is for "reserved" purposes…

  • DELTA ANGLES for ADIS16475


    • I've been working on 16475 recently. Now I want to get the data of DELTA ANGLES by reading the X_DELTANG_OUT Register,Y_DELTANG_OUT Register and 

      Z_DELTANG_OUT Register.But I failed.So I want to know whether the DELTA ANGLES'data is 16 bits or…

  • ADIS16475 burst mode‘s stall period

    hi all

    how many periods is it appropriate to set the stall periods for ADIS16475 burst mode,as following figure shows 


  • ADIS16475 Burst Read Function


    do I understand right that only the higher words of the accl and gyro data are transmitted when using burst read function?

    So, if I want to receive "high resolution" IMU data the burst read function is not usable, because I have to reduce the spi…

  • ADIS16475 on Jetson Xavier NX - C++

    Hello everyone,

    I need to integrate an ADIS16475 to a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX using C++.

    I was looking at the code on this AnalogDevices GitHub (iio/drivers/imu) but unfortunatly it is not designed for a Linux aarch64 ( Nvidia Jetpack 4.4.1, Kernel …

  • Unplausible Acceleration data using ADIS16475


    we used the evalboard of the ADIS16475 to test this device in an application. We did shaker tests (vibration) and Rotation tests often and for a quite long time and all the data seemed to be fine. The data from our last field test are looking unplausible…

  • ADIS16475 Output Problems using Arduino Due


    I am working with the ADIS16475-1BMLZ, and the rate counts from the gyro outputs of the rate sensor are fluctuating between very high and very low values, seemingly randomly.  The sensor was held stationary while the outputs were generated.  Could…

  • a question about ADIS16475's burst mode

    when ADIS16475 works in burst mode ,when I transmit 0X6800, will ADIS16475's register be locked and not be updated???

    TKS waiting for reply!!

  • ADIS16475-1 About data fluctuation at rest


    I am experimenting with ADIS16475-1.

    I got the data at rest with the attached settings.
    I think the fluctuation of Bias is quite large,
    Is this within the specification range (ability range)?

    There is a statement on the data sheet that it is calibrated…

  • Data resolution problem and bias problem about ADIS16475

    1. Is the data of ADIS16475 accurate with 16 bits or with 32 bits?

    2. The bias of ADIS16475 is larger just after power on, and smaller after power on when the temperature is stable.Now I use the burst read mode to read the six-axis data and calculate…