• Linux support for ADIS16475 evaluation kit software drivers(ADIS16475-2&EVAL-ADIS-FX3Z)


    I am considering ADIS16475-2.
    I have a question about this evaluation kit (ADIS16475-2 / EVAL-ADIS-FX3Z).

    Is there any support for Ubuntu (Linux OS) of the evaluation kit software driver?
    I don't use Windows.

    Best regards,


  • FAQ; ADIS16475 Underfill Process Example


    Do you have any recommendations for using under-fill to strengthen the attachment of the ADIS16475 to a printed circuit board?


  • ADIS16475 Datasheet Error: Figure 11

    LOCATION OF ERROR Figure 11, page 11 (PDF)
    DATASHEET LINK http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADIS16475.pdf#Page=11 

    The vertical axis of Figure 11 makes reference…

  • SPI driver adis16475 has no spi_device_id for adi,adis16470


    I want to use my ADIS16507-1 sensor on my Raspberry Pi 4.

    I compiled my kernel by adding the driver that I put in modules.

    However when I load my modules, there are errors:

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo modprobe adis16475
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg 

  • Reducing gyroscope warm-up time [ADIS16475-2]

    It is typical in MEMS gyro for the bias to drift rapidly for some time after an initial power-on event [1,2]. In my observation of the ADIS16475-2 the gyro bias eventually stabilizes as the die temperature stabilizes.

    Are there any ways to reduce how…

  • ADIS16475-1BMLZ Theta jb

    Hi Experts:

    Could you please provide ADIS16475-1BMLZ Theta jb value for PCB thermal simulation.


  • [ADIS16475] How does varying the frequency of the SYNC input change the gyro readings?

    How does varying the frequency of the SYNC input change the gyro readings?

    - ADIS16475-2 configured in direct sync mode.
    - Input clock configured within the 1900-2100 Hz bounds.

    Is there any way for the IMU to know the *actual* frequency of the SYNC input…

  • ADIS16475 calibration and scaling issue

    As part of our development process we decided to conduct an angular
    displacement test. We mount our custom board based on the ADIS16475 on a
    turntable with an axis as close to vertical as possible. Physical rotations of
    360 degrees are repeatedly applied…

  • HAs anyone used EVAL-ADIS-FX3 + ADIS16475-x/PCB with an extenal clock

    Dear All,

    I need to acquire data from IMU ADIS16475 and test a EKF quaternion from IMU against an optical system. 

    I would use the EVAL-ADIS-FX3 + ADIS16475-x/PCB in order to acquire the data form IMU but I need to synchronize the acquisition with the optical…