• Self Test of ADIS16475

    I write a software to do the self test of ADIS16475 for 30 ,100 and 1000 iterations after power ON in stationary. Self test is failed  3 ,9 and 42 times for 30,100 and 1000 iterations respectively. but IMU is working fine. My software flows as below.

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  • ADIS16475 on Jetson Xavier NX - C++

    Hello everyone,

    I need to integrate an ADIS16475 to a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX using C++.

    I was looking at the code on this AnalogDevices GitHub (iio/drivers/imu) but unfortunatly it is not designed for a Linux aarch64 ( Nvidia Jetpack 4.4.1, Kernel …

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    • I've been working on 16475 recently. Now I want to get the data of DELTA ANGLES by reading the X_DELTANG_OUT Register,Y_DELTANG_OUT Register and 

      Z_DELTANG_OUT Register.But I failed.So I want to know whether the DELTA ANGLES…

  • ADIS16475-3 drift error

    Hi all,

    Our customer evaluate the 3set of the ADIS16475-3/PCBZ .

    From "Figure 10. Gyroscope Allan Deviation, TC = 25°C, ADIS16475-3" in the datasheet,
    we know about 7 deg/h @ 100s periods sampling.

    We expect the following drift value in static…


    Good afternoon,
    I've been working on 16475.Now, I want to get the DELTA ANGLES by reading the X_DELTANG_OUT, Y _DELTANG_OUT, and Z_DELTANG_OUT registers.But I failed.By the way ,I want to know whether the DELTA ANGLES's data is16 bits or 32 bits?By the…

  • FAQ; ADIS16475 Underfill Process Example


    Do you have any recommendations for using under-fill to strengthen the attachment of the ADIS16475 to a printed circuit board?


  • RE: ADIS16475-1 About data fluctuation at rest

    Hi ,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for your post and your use of ADIS16475-1!

    May I ask on how did you convert the LSBs to the unit you are using? 

    Best regards,

  • ADIS16475的应用

             我将ADIS16475的中心安装在惯导中心位置,在做惯导的转台测试时发现加速度计有常值,比如惯导也就是IMU的X轴垂直地面做转台测试时,当转台转速到1000°/s时,Y轴和Z轴的加计大约有0.2g的加速度,应该是离心力。我再读文档时看到 percussion alignment correction 请问这个才是安装的中心位置吗?