• RE: Linux Kernel Driver support for ADIS16465

    Here are some notes that I was able to compile, for adapting embedded C/C++ code that was written for the ADIS16470, for use with the ADIS16465.  I hope that this helps.

  • We found a serious problem about  ADIS16467-1BMLZ

    Hi, We found a serious problem about  ADIS16467-1BMLZ:

    When angular rate over 200 deg/sADIS16467-1BMLZ’s Gyro output will reverse and jump to opposite side!

    We have four ADIS16467-1BMLZ,and all of them have the same problem!

    And we also have some ADIS16460AMLZ…

  • RE: ADIS16467 SPI communication issue

    Found the same issue this last week. The problem i'm noticing (which obviously isn't the proper behavior in the data sheet) is that the samples of return data come 16 bits after when they should. What I mean is that I'm getting the correct data, but I…

  • Data Acquisition from adis16467

    Hello all,

    I have adis16467  with breakout board ADIS16IMU4/PCBZ and evaluation kit EVAL-ADIS2.

    It works well, I see the gyros and accelerators and can capture the data.

    I have two questions:

    1. how can I get access to data in some other way not through the…

  • ADIS16467 I have question

    I see ADIS16467 datasheet. Delta velocity equation at 22pages. But this equation is not understanding.


    1. what is d? incremental variable int the summation formula??

    2. This delta velocity is same integral of accelerator?

    3. I want to know where I am…

  • ADIS16467 BurstMode "Low-Registers"

    Hi everyone,

    I use the ADIS16467 IMU with an external sync clock for data acquisition and read the data via spi in burst mode.

    The sync clock is between 100Hz and 1kHz from my µC.

    Is there a way to get the "Low Registers" of the gyroscope and the acceleration…

  • IMU sensor question(ADIS16467 datasheet)

    Now I am studying ADIS16467-3BMLZ(IMU sensor)

    I was looking at the data sheep and there was a lot of difficulty in studying


    1. I don't know Error over Temperature on page 3 of the data sheet


    2. I don't know Error over temperature in  "…

  • ADIS16467-2BMLZ SPI Comms locks up

    On initial power-up, my system queries the PROD_ID register.  Upon correct response, the program sets up the IMU to use external sync pulses, and everything goes smoothly.  If the microcontroller is reset, but NOT the IMU, on the next run, this process…

  • RE: ADIS 16460 32 bit

    Hello Yogev,

    I am sorry that we have not responded to this yet.  Based on my understanding of this device, your experience is appropriate.  I have not read the ADIS16460 datasheet is a while but I do know that the next generation devices (ADIS16465, ADIS16467…