• Synchronization of ADIS16465

    Am I understanding correctly from the data sheet that it's impossible to get timestamped data (according to internal clock) from the IMU module? I'm looking into different possibilities to synchronize the module in existing setup and the easiest way is…

  • ADIS16465 - Gyro bias repeatability


    In the analog devices IMU selection website, the IMU's are categorized based on "Gyro bias repeatability" as well. For the ADIS16465, the gyro bias repeatability is given as 0.7 deg in the IMU selection website, but this parameter is not mentioned…

  • ADIS16465 calibration

    The adis 16465 is said to be factory calibrated. Is there any valid calibration certification like ISO 17025 or something similar?

  • ADIS16465 accelerometer initial measurement error


    We are investigating the possibility of using the ADIS16465 in one of our applications. We generally use the initial stationary averaged accelerometer measurements to compute the initial roll and pitch angles. So for this we will need to know what…

  • What's the output latency of ADIS16465?


    I want to use the ADIS16465 IMU in a real-time vibration suppression application which needs to know the time delay of the sensor and compensate it in the closed-loop.

    But I can't find the output delay or latency of the ADIS16465 IMU in it's data…

  • ADIS16465 SPI communication problem with STM32F103

    Hi all,

    I am using STM32F103 as a master to communicate with ADIS16465-2, but the data read from the sensor is not correct. 

    I tried to read product_ID (addr=0x72) and the result should be 0x4051. Only a few times I can get correct result, and most times…

  • Linux Kernel Driver support for ADIS16465


    I am looking for Linux driver support for the newly released ADIS16465. It is my understanding that the interface should be similar to the earlier IMU's in the 164xx series, so the AD kernel driver (ADIS16480 IIO Inertial Measurement Unit Linux…

  • adis16465启动零偏


  • ADIS16465 Internal Clock Mode Sample Frequency

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to read data from the ADIS16465 using a BeagleBoneBlack. After Resetting I don't apply changes to configuration registers,

    meaning I'm using default settings. Still, I make sure that I'm operating in internal clock…

  • ADIS16465 - Arduino Uno SPI communication problem


    I'm having problems with the SPI communication between the ADIS16465-2 and Arduino Uno. The arduino is looping through code that reads from the PROD_ID register 4 times per iteration (meaning 5 transfers are happening between the arduino and the…