• ADIS16465 bias clarification


    Reading the datasheet is not clear to me the use of the commands to calibrate the bias.

    Now we use the Bias Correction Update (GLOB_CMD bit 0) at the system startup to reset the bias that at the powerup is not zero.

    We see that if I send the command…

  • ADIS16465 reading standard gravity as 49 mps2?

    Hi, I've recently purchased an ADIS16465-2BMLZ. I have it connected to an EVAL-ADISIMU1-RPI which is in turn connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 B. After some driver issues, I have succesfully streamed data out from the IMU over IIO using both Kuiper and my…

  • Problem starting iiod with the ADIS16465 on a custom Linux build

    I've got two similar systems with an ADIS16465 IMU and IIO works on one but not the other. The working one runs Kuiper and the non-working one is a custom Linux build.

    First, the working system: It's Kuiper Linux running on a Raspberry Pi 4B…
  • ADIS16465 SPI issue

    I've been trying for far too long now to communicate with an ADIS16465, with no success. The Datasheet for the 16465 says to use CPOL = 1, CPHA = 1, which translates to 'clock normally high' and 'sample on rising clock edge'. I send 0x7200 for PROD_ID…

  • What's the output latency of ADIS16465?


    I want to use the ADIS16465 IMU in a real-time vibration suppression application which needs to know the time delay of the sensor and compensate it in the closed-loop.

    But I can't find the output delay or latency of the ADIS16465 IMU in it's data…

  • ADIS16465 Internal Clock Mode Sample Frequency

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to read data from the ADIS16465 using a BeagleBoneBlack. After Resetting I don't apply changes to configuration registers,

    meaning I'm using default settings. Still, I make sure that I'm operating in internal clock…

  • RE: ADIS16465-2B: 16bit @ 2Khz vs 32bit @ 200Hz


    I am sorry that our communication dropped off on this. John has accepted another position, within the company and we have struggled to fill this gap.  If this is still an active point of consideration, for you, I will be glad to set…

  • RE: ADIS16465 - The data of Gyro contain signal noise. Is this normal?


    did you solve your problem ? I have the same situation...


  • adis16465启动零偏


  • ADIS16465 SPI command, deltang_out and delvel_out


    I'm using an STM32F3 controller to access the ADIS16465-2B.

    The SPI clock is set at ~570Khz, and doing a burst read works fine, at least from the checksum and the values I'm reading out. The decimation register is set to 9 (Decimation factor…