• The driver or Evaluation software of ADIS16460

    Hello,we want to embed ADIS16460 into ARM Cortex-A9, but there is no driver or Evaluation software like ADIS16445.
    Can you give us the driver or Evaluation software of ADIS16460? Thank you!

  • ADIS16460 SPI Communication Failure


            Need help with the SPI communication of the IMU ADIS16460.We are using ADIS16460 in our design and there are some strange problems.

            When we supply power to ADIS16460, everything is working properly. we can get the right data, right PROD_ID and DIAG_STAT…

  • ADIS16460


    Can you help me understand what is the "Up to 2m of separation with DUT " mentioned in the features and benifits section of ADIS16460 sensor.

    Also in the data sheet it says "measurement range: 100 deg/sec(minimum)" what is this minimu…

  • RE: How do i connect an (IMU) ADIS16460 to and EVAL-ADIS board? what adapters do i need?

    If we review the ADIS16460's web page (www.analog.com/ADIS16460), we can see two evaluation tools: ADIS16IMU4/PCBZ and EVAL-ADISZ.

    The EVAL-ADISZ is presently the PC-based evaluation for all ADIS16xxx IMU products.

    The ADIS16IMU4/PCBZ is a breakout…

  • ADIS16460 Datasheet: Software Reset Time?

    Table 44, in the ADIS16460 datasheet (revision 0) has an error in the software reset time. Please see the following graphic for the correct information, which will also be in the next revision of the ADIS16460 datasheet.

  • RE: ADIS16300/16305

    We are assuming that this matter is closed for now, but we are open to any future discussion on this topic, as your research is likely to generate new questions along the way.  By the way, the ADIS16460 may be worth consideration now as well.


  • FAQ: Embedded design with the ADIS16460


    What do I need to do, in order to connect the ADIS16460 to an embedded processor?



    There are two parts to this process…

  • FAQ: What's new with the ADIS16460?

    In a nutshell, when compared to the popular ADIS16445, the ADIS16460 offers a smaller package (~50% less volume), lower cost (~50% less in 1000pc quantities), lower power (~40%) and has numerous performance improvements. We are excited to continue reducing…

  • 2/17/16: High-performance MEMS IMU Solutions for Demanding Applications

    What is the temperature stability of the ADIS16460?

  • ADIS16460 web page

    I find this web page.


    this page Introduce ADIS16470 ADiS16495.

    is this page applye to ADIS16460?