• ADIS16460


    Can you help me understand what is the "Up to 2m of separation with DUT " mentioned in the features and benifits section of ADIS16460 sensor.

    Also in the data sheet it says "measurement range: 100 deg/sec(minimum)" what is this minimu…

  • ADIS16460驱动


  • ADIS16460 SYNC


    i am thinking to use the adis16460 with external clock to synchronize it with my control loop (Direct Sample Control MODE), i will be happy if you can please explain me about how this effects system performance  as i came across the next line: 


  • ADIS16460 Evaluation Hack

    For those of your who have evaluated the ADIS16334/PCBZ, ADIS16445/PCBZ or ADIS16448/PCBZ, you have an extra tool available for evaluating the newly released ADIS16460 on your EVAL-ADIS system. If you replace the connector on the flex cable, with the…

  • ADIS16460 SPI Communication issue


            Need help with the SPI communication of the IMU ADIS16460. We are using ADIS16460 in our design and we are facing problem with reading data from the registers in the IMU.

    initially the IMU was giving the correct sensor data through the SPI interface…

  • ADIS16460 Evaluation Hack 2

    For those who can support the modification to the ADIS1644X/FLEX, as showing the following link, here are four steps to use when connecting your ADIS16460AMLZ to your EVAL-ADIS.

    ADIS16460 Evaluation Hack

    Step #1: Set the ADIS16460AMLZ onto the 14…

  • ADIS16460 web page

    I find this web page.


    this page Introduce ADIS16470 ADiS16495.

    is this page applye to ADIS16460?

  • ADIS16460 Datasheet: Accelerometer VRW?

    The Velocity Random Walk (VRW) parameter for the accelerometers, is listed incorrectly in Table 1 of the ADIS16460 datasheet (revision 0).  Please see the following graphic for the correction that will take place in revision A, which will be available…

  • ADIS16460 spi errors


    i am using the adis16460 for couple of weeks and until now everything worked great.

    now i have integrated it in little bit noisy environment  where the SPI wires goes near to motors lines .

    it seems that the spi lines pick noise and when it happens…

  • ADIS16460 burst read checksum

    Hello! I implement register RW access - works well. But have strange problem with burst read checksum calculation. Checksum matches only once in few hundred readings. Here data from sensor:

    SPI_RxData[0]=64;// '@'
    SPI_RxData[1]=76;// 'L'