• ADIS16448 evaluation on Linux

    I like to use EVAL-ADIS16448 with ubuntsu18.04LTS.

    Does ADIS16400 IIO Inertial Measurement Unit Linux driver works well on ubuntsu18.04LTS?

  • ADIS16448 aging

    Do you have any data related to ADIS16448 aging -change in the device parameters stability during one year and more ?(for example changes in turn on bias and scale factor).

  • ADIS16448 Label

    What do the different numbers on the ADIS16448 label mean?  I assume some of them are the lot/date code, and others are the serial number... maybe?  Thank you.

  • ADIS16448 Connector

    I would like to know what connector is used on the ADIS16448 IMU.  I need to know the part number of the connector so I can go get the spec sheet on it and verify the plating material/thickness that is used.  Thanks!

  • ADIS16448 Weight

    I recently weighed 5 ADIS16448 IMUs using a calibrated digital scale with resolution of 0.1 grams.  The IMUs have date codes from 2013.  The results are below:

    Mean =      12.62g

    Std: =         0.13g

    The data sheet (Rev. C) specifies 15g.  Thought this might be helpful…

  • ADIS16448 without packaging

    We are seeking a sensor similar to the ADIS16448, but without the pressure
    sensor and housing, to allow for higher integration. The module must be still
    functional after an acceleration of approximately 30000g. The technical data
  • ADIS16448 in Robotics

    Check this post out, which provides some LabVIEW code and other details associated with using the ADIS16448 on a robotics platform.  Enjoy!!

    ADIS16448 IMU MXP Board for FIRST Robotics

  • ADIS16448 MTBF

    Dear Analog staff, could you provide a MTBF rate prediction of the ADIS16448 device, based on the Parts Stress Analysis according to

    the MIL-HDBK-217F? My application requires calculation for AUF environment, at proper cooling.

    Many thanks in advance…

  • ADIS16448 Availability

    Hi ADI team,

    At this time the ADIS16448 is unavailable from any major distributor (farnell, DK, Mouser, RS, avnet, ...). We have an order from Farnell from mid december that is still pending and distributors tend to show delivery times around may/june…

  • ADIS16448 Data Sampling


    Can you offer more information on the sampling of sensor data in the ADIS16448?


    The gyroscopes, accelerometers, and temperature sensors are all sampled through a common ADC channel, which uses the following sequence to collect data samples…