• ADIS16445 Center of Gravity

    I also have this question and what is the Center of Gravity of the 16445 sensor.

  • ADIS16445 Gyro range

    ADIS16445 Gyro range 最大可设置为 +-250°/s,  我的问题是设备实际角速度超过250°/s, 有什么后果?

  • RE: ADIS16445 - self-test sequence

    I am glad that I wasn't too late to help you.  We now have better tools for checking for unanswered questions. Before, I just relied on the feed, which would grow quickly if I was gone for a few days....

    1. So the self-status will be in the DIAG_STAT…

  • ADIS16445 user data register read/write

    I am a new user of ADIS16445. I have some tedious questions need your help. Any comments would be much appreciated.
    1. after power on, I read the values stored in the data registers. The values are different from the manufacturer…
  • ADIS16445如何获得滤波前的数据?


  • Read data from ADIS16445

    Hello Guys,

    I have an ADIS16445 connected to my STM32F407 SPI1 pins , I am trying to read XACCL_OUT & YACCL_OUT & ZACCL_OUT & XGYRO_OUT & YGYRO_OUT & ZGYRO_OUT and TEMP_OUT in normal mode described in datasheet , I already have EXTI interrupt on rising…

  • ADIS16445静止时X轴陀螺仪数据波动异常




  • Gyroscopes data SCALE for ADIS16445

    Hello Guys,

    I'm using ADIS16445 , gyroscopes in this IMU should sense and measure rotations up to ±250°/sec . this is my understanding of MEMS gyroscopes . ADIS16445 datasheet says : Triaxial digital gyroscope with digital range scaling

  • ADIS16445使用前是否需要标定





  • ADIS16445 ribbon crimp connector

    Dear all.

         I am going to use the ADIS16445,but I couldn't find the proper ribbon crimp connector and ribbon cable. Could you provide suitable ribbon crimp connector and ribbon cable ?