• FAQ: ADIS16445 Mechanical Design Tools


    Do you have a 3-D model file for the ADIS16445?



    Yes, we have a 3-D model for this product, in the form of a .STEP file.  While we are not experts on all 3-D rendering programs…

  • FAQ: ADIS16445 DIOx Line Activity During Start-up & Reset


    What can we expect from the DIOx lines during start-up, reset, and when disengaging the chip-select line?


  • about build ADIS16445 linux driver problem

    I have a problem as

    there is Make error . there is no IRQ_PF5 can't find.


  • adis16445获取PortID出错

     我最近使用STM32作为控制器,采集ADIS16445的数据。但是再通过SPI通信读取Port ID这里出现了问题,希望有人能帮忙解决,或给些建议。问题描述如下:

    这是我编写的读取Port ID部分的代码:


    如此循环下去,STM32通过串口连接电脑,打印获取到的Port ID ,进行显示。

    接下来是具体的问题,我在电脑上查看串口助手,并不能收到稳定准确的Port Id(0x403D)。


  • RE: ADIS16445/PCB Replacements Coming Soon!

    Answered and closed. All information is listed above.

  • RE: ADIS16445 calibration

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • ADIS16445使用过一段时间后不出数据


  • ADIS16445 factory calibration alignment

    I am currently designing the mechanics for a device that is going to use the ADIS16445, I need to know what part of the sensor body are the internal measurement axes parallel to so that it's aligned correctly.

    When the ADIS16445 is factory calibrated…

  • ADIS16445 substrate cutout sizes

    I am planning to use the ADIS16445 in one of my designs.

    I have had a look at AN-1305 where it states that the IMU requires a cutout under it so that forces are applied only to the metal frame and not the substrate:

    What are the required sizes of…

  • Communication problem with ADIS16445

    Hi, there!


    This is my first post and need some help. I'm a student in a university. A few days ago, I bought an ADIS16445. I used an Infineon XC2287M MCU for SPI communication.


    But after a lot…