• ADIS16445


    I want to use the burst read function of the adis16445. The datasheet doesn't explicitly list the order in which the registers are output, so is there any chance you could provide an ordered list?



  • RE: How do I fix an "adisAPI Transfer Timed Out" error?

    1. What was the problem with the EVAL-ADIS16445/PCBZ that prevented the evaluation software from reading the data ready register?


    For future reference, ADIS16445/PCBZ is the correct part number, not EVAL-ADIS16445/PCBZ. I know what you mean, but…

  • What is SPI DOUT internal schematic: can we connect several SPI devices to one master port?


    We have to connect the ARM-M4 controller to several devices including the ADIS16445 using one SPI port and "Chip-Select" signals . What is the implementation of the DOUT port on ADIS16445? Is it three-state or open-drain or what?

  • RE: air pressure and mems in ADIS16445

    all the data presented were recorded in a single run. So the time scale is the same for all pictures.

    from top to bottom, excluding the opening picture:

    1. Blue - acceleration Z, red - gyro X, green - gyro Y, raw data from ADIS16445 (16 bit two's complement…

  • ADIS16445 - Key differences between the ADXRS646 component and the ADIS16445 inertial measurement unit

    What are the key differences between the ADXRS646 component, and the ADIS16445
    inertial measurement unit?


    The ADIS16445 is a more system-ready device in that it provides a
    fully-calibrated tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer…
  • FAQ: ADIS16445 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16445 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?



  • RE: ADIS 16475 Output Problems Using Raspberry Pi CM3

    Thank you very much for your suggestion!

    I will probe the signals with an oscilloscope as you suggest.

    Actually I've used adis16405 and adis16445 with raspberry pi cm3 before, also with the bcm2835 driver, and they turned out to work well. The only…

  • ADIS16445 calibration

    The ADIS16445 modules are said to be factory calibrated for bias, scale factor, and misalignment. I am curious as to how detailed this calibration process is (does it involve kalman filter estimation?) and if there is any way to remove the calibration…

  • FAQ: ADIS16445 Accuracy over Temperature


    Can you provide any more details on the ADIS16445's performance over temperature?



    Yes, the "repeatability" and…

  • ADIS16445 - Comparison to ADIS16334 and ADIS16485

    Is this part like the ADIS16334 or ADIS16485?


    The ADIS16445 offers ~2x better gyroscope performance than the ADIS16334, in a
    similar package that is only 5mm longer in one dimension. In comparison with
    the ADIS16485, the ADIS16445 offers…