• ADIS16407 Replacement


    The ADIS16407 is on "Last-time buy" status. What replacements do you offer?


    The ADIS16405 offers the same package and function, expect that it does not have a barometer sensor.

    The ADIS16448 is in a lower-profile package, but offers…

  • ADIS16407 SPI Communication

    I am not getting any data from the ADIS16407. What should I do?

  • ADIS16407 PCB layout


    Are there any restrictions with respect to the placement of tracks close to or under the ADIS16407 module (underneath or on the opposite layer)?



  • FAQ: ADIS16407 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16407 inertial measurement unit (IMU)?


  • RE: ADIS16407 Noise/Stability Observations

    Hello Irfan,

    Do you have performance goals for the ADIS16407, which reflect necessary behaviors to support your end-system goals?

    1) "The data" is a bit vague for us to work with. We can certainly help you understand the sensor behaviors but have no…

  • ADIS16407 I/O Configuration Priority


    In the ADIS16407, three different registers offer input/output configuration options. Can you share the priority associated with each register?


  • ADIS16407 Interfacing with Arduino Mega 2560

    Dear All,

    I am trying to interface the ADIS16407 isensor to the arduino mega 2560 board using the 'ADIS16364 interfacing with arduino' code provided in this forum(https://github.com/agleason6/ADIS16364_example). I changed all the registers and…

  • "ADIS16407 interface with TI TMS320F28335 STARTER KIT"

    Hi all,

    I am Rashed and working with isensors.

    As I am very new to this field of work, I have been facing problems in getting the signal processed out of ADIS16407 isensor. Can any one help me with this MCU and isensor combination interface?

    Does any…

  • ADIS16407: software Rev1 with ADISUSB crashed when write to register

    My ADISUSB software ADIS16407_Eval_Rev_1 crashes when I try to write a value to
    any register.

    E.g. I tried to write 0xFF to the offset register XGYRO_OFF.

    Following error occurs:
       Run-time error '9'
       Subscript out of …
  • 使用FPGA读取ADIS16407数据时出错