• ADIS16405

    If i connect 2 ADIS16405 to same SPI bus with different chipselect. When one ADIS16405 is OFF and other is ON, will first ADIS16405 will load the Bus.

    Can anyone tell the part number of mating connector(24-pin) of ADIS16405.





  • ADIS16405

    We are from Crucible of Research and Development (CORI), PES University, Bengaluru, India. We are developing a student nanosatellite and we are in need of your ADIS16405. We need one clarification that can we use ADIS16405 as the attitude reference or…

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  • ADIS16405

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    In Burst mode of ADIS16405, if i send a command 0x3E00, the data sent out will of same instant or not. for example SPI clk = 1MHz and Sampling rate of IMU 819 SPS, I have sent a command 0x3E00 a time t, then IMU start sending data starting…

  • ADIS16405

    Dear Sir/Madam,

         I have some doubt regarding data update rate.

              1. What do mean by Sampling cycle? Difference Sampling rates and Sampling cycle with respest to ADIS16405.

              2. I have set sampling rate in IMU as 819 SPS and SPI data transfer rate 10…

  • ADIS16405 problem

    Hello, experts

    I have two ADIS16405 sensors. I have been using it well until last night. However It stopped working this morning, I have no idea how to check what is wrong. Can you tell me how to check it or any considerable causes I should check about…

  • ADIS16405 connector

    I accidentally broke the cable of IMU ADIS 16405. Can it be repaired or replaced?

  • ADIS16405 initializing.

    Dear Sir,


    I am writing with regard to ADIS16405BMLZ isensor (PHOTO ATTACHED). As I am a beginner to this field of work, Can you please guide me how exactly can I get this sensor working? Is there any library which I can use to learn the working…

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