• ADIS16375 TIME_YM_OUT register

    When I use the ADIS16375, I can set the TIME_MS_OUT register successfully, but I can’t set the TIME_YM_OUT register.

  • ADIS16375 spi STM32F407

    I currently have problems when communicating with ADIS16375. I have followed the instructions with ADIS16227, but I still do not receive the data at the output. I hope you can help me.

  • ADIS16375 output noise

    Hi, everybody!

    Here is my question:

    With my ADIS16375, I use DIO1 as a 2kHz Sync clock input, DEC_RATE set as 100, so how can I calculate the noise variance of Gyro and Accelerometer output according to the datasheet? How to use parameters like "Output…

  • ADIS16375: Standard deviation

    Dear all,

    I am interested in the IMU ADIS16375, I would like to know the achievable precision of the accelerometer and the gyroscope, In particular I would like to know the standard deviation σ of the device.

    (from statistics, I can reduce the standard…

  • ADIS16375 DEC_RATE register error

    Hi everyone, 

    I have problem with the DEC_RATE register of ADIS16375. When I write to the register and read back, the written value of bit 9 and 8 is shift left by 1. For example: If I write 0x0102 to the DEC_RATE register, the read back value is 0x0202…

  • ADIS16375 - Unexplained behaviour

    I'm currently working on a research project at the Department of Computer Science at Linköping University, Sweden that is utilizing an IMU ADIS16375. We have had some weird behavior from the sensor and I hope that you will be able to help us out a bit…

  • ADIS16375 3-D Models

    Do you have 3-D model files for the ADIS16375?

  • ADIS16485 and ADIS16375- SPI issue?


    We are using both ADIS16485 and ADIS16375.

    We have succeeded to activate the ADIS16485 IMU with our Controller.

    We have made some dynamic tests on the IMU calibration jig and got reasonable results.

    We could not make the ADIS16375 unit work…

  • FAQ: ADIS16375 Start-up Currents


    Do you have any more details on the 1.5A surge current that the ADIS16375 draws during start-up?



  • FAQ: ADIS16375 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16375 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?