• IMU Linux

    Do you have an drivers for interfacing the IMU products with Linux?

  • FAQ: ADIS16448 Input Clock on EVAL-ADIS


    How do I use an input clock to drive sampling in the ADIS16448, when I am using the EVAL-ADIS to evaluate it?



    This requires…

  • IMU Flex Cable

    Can the flexible cable on my ADIS16362 be repaired?

  • FAQ: ADIS16448 Data Ready Signal During Start-up


    What does the ADIS16448's data-ready signal do during start-up?



    Please see the attached file for details on data-ready activity during the…

  • ADIS16407 I/O Configuration Priority


    In the ADIS16407, three different registers offer input/output configuration options. Can you share the priority associated with each register?


  • TEMP_OUT Variation


    The TEMP_OUT reading is quite a bit higher than the ambient temperature.  Is this normal?



    Yes, this is normal.  Here…

  • MEMS Inertial Sensors Tags

    The following is a list of parts this group talks about. Update as necessary.

    ad22282-a-r2, ad22290, adia16201, adis16003, adis16006, adis16203, adis16204, adis16209, adis16210, adis16223, adis16227, adis16228, adis16229, adis16240, adis16255, adis16265…