• FAQ: ADIS16367 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16367 inertial measurement unit (IMU)?


  • ADIS16367 - Influence by supply voltage ripple


    I wonder if accelerometer outputs are influenced by supply voltage ripple.

    If so, what is the relation between supply voltage ripple and accelerometer outputs?

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  • ADIS16367 - output drift by supply voltage ripple


    I would like to know whether 3-axis accelerometer outputs from ADSI16367 could be influenced by supply voltage ripple.

    If so, how much does supply voltage ripple cause accel outputs to vary?

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  • Comment on FAQ: ADIS16367 Evaluation Tool Overview

    The ADIS16367/PCBZ was original breakout board for this product but is not longer available. For those who have this kit and would like to access the documentation, check this link out:

    ADIS16367/PCB | Analog Devices

  • RE: ADIS 16367

    Hello Smainar,

    It sounds like you have a great start and a good position to work from.  When experiencing similiar issues, where you can read one register but cannot make the burst mode work, here are the two most common causes that I have observed:

  • RE: adxrs642 scalefactor

    no one know the answer? no one can help me?

    i have another question. which gyro has been used in ADIS16367?

  • FAQ: ADIS16364 not working on EVAL-ADIS


    When I connect my ADIS16364 device to the EVAL-ADIS system, the gyroscopes are all pegged to 409 deg/sec and the device does not seem to be working. Any ideas?


  • RE: IMU developing

    What is there to answer?  I already offered that we cannot support the approach used in the ADIS16367 in the open market and the only discrete gyroscope that will meet your dyanmic range requirement (at this time) is the ADXRS649. I understand that presents…

  • ADIS1636x/PCBZ & ADIS1640x/PCB Breakout Board Changes

    The purpose of this post is to announce that ADI will not be supporting product-specific breakout boards for the ADIS1636x and ADIS1640x family, after March 1.  After March 1, 2014, the following breakout boards will not be available:


  • FAQ: ADIS16448 Start-up Current Demand


    Does the ADIS16448 have similar start-up transients as the ADIS16488A?



    The start-up transients are not as severe on the ADIS16448.