• SMPL_PRD setting of ADIS16365

      The following customer of China meets a problem when setting the SMPL_PRD
    register. It’s said from datasheet that SPI clock shouldn’t be faster than
    300KHz if want to set it into “low power mode”(SMPL_PRD >= 0x0A). But from the
  • Accelerometer about ADIS16365 sensor

    Hello expert, I am currently using ADIS16365 sensor, when I put the sensor Z axis vertically up on the level of static on the desktop, Z axis accelerometer read only -0.14g, the actual should have -g. When the Z axis vertical down the Z axis accelerometer…

  • ADIS16365 interface with dsPIC

    Hi everyone , it's the first time to me here.. i have a strange problem ..

    i am working on ADIS16365 interface with dsPIC , I wrote a code to extract all these data :

    1- Power supply measurement

    2- x,y,z gyroscope output

    3-  x,y,z accelerometer…

  • FAQ: ADIS16365 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16365 inertial measurement unit (IMU)?


  • ADIS16365 accelerometer null bias issue

    Hello Sir,

    I am ADI FAE now supporting a ESP project, where ADIS16365 is used as benchmark to test another accel/gyro product (DUT 2), both ADIS16365 & DUT2 are placed & mounted on the same object, the signal chain is as ADIX16365 -> SPI -> DSP <- SPI…

  • about the ADIS16365 zero drift

    Hello,I have a question about the  zero drift  of ADIS16365 iSensor. While applying the ADIS16365 to our Automatic Guided Vehicles product, we found that the sensor have big zero drift.

    Here is the progress we make. First, we put the Sensor on the table…

  • ADIS16365 Gyro Bias Calibration Offset LSB?

    My team is using the ADIS16365 IMU in one of our systems.  During final assembly of the system, we command the IMU to run the "Gyroscope Precision Automatic Bias Null Calibration" described in the datasheet.  Once the calibration is done, we power…

  • The problem with readings DOUT from ADIS16365


    I have a problem with data being received from the sensor. I use to communicate via SPI with ADIS, using ioctl SPI. To receive data sent to it DOUT 0x3E00 frame. In our application we added a control bit errors, which in the case of the gyroscop…

  • ADIS16365 not working on EVAL-AIDS

    The tips below when I choosing the Devices.

    The tips below when I pressing the 'Read'.

    The feedback data clearly is not correct. Is my sensor wrong?

  • ADIS16365 DIAG_STAT  Self-test diagnostic error flag

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I can’t understand what Self-test diagnostic error flag mean if it set alone in DIAG_STAT register of ADIS16365.

    Other flags in this register is not set.

    What does it mean? (I can’t find this in datasheet.)

    (Of course I wait MSC_CTRL…