• ADIS16365 sensitivity

    Is it posible to Change the Dynamic Range of the Accelerometer to enhance the
    Sensitivity on the ADIS16365 ?

    For +-18g it is 3.33 mg/LSB.

    We need a better Resolution but not that high Dynamic Range.


    The accelerometer range is…
  • ADIS16365校准



  • adis16365 漂移


  • adis16365 CALIBRATION

    how to calibration adis16365?can you send adis16365 driver to me?

  • ADIS16365 code

    Hi everyone
    It's my first time here, actually I use ADIS16365 to get gyro and acceleration data using dspic33 in my graduation project
    But I don't know how to use spi protocol
    If some one could give me a C code please

  • ADIS16365 Static error

    Because they still have not got the sample, so he have to use the part (whose X
    axis was damaged) to do the other test. he found the Static error is quit large
    (Please see attached). Is that normal? Will the damaged X axis interfere other…
  • Accelerometer Location in ADIS16365

    I am using the ADIS16365 in a very dynamic environment in which the sensor is subjected to large angular rates.  Can you please provide the lever arms to each of the accelerometers referenced to some datum on the IMU (POP)?

  • adis16365 drift



    I am using an ADIS 16365 in my gps adied ins system. When powered on and keep the system still,  the drift of the gyro is small, it is about 0.1~0.2 degree per second. When I shake the system with my hand and then put it down, the drift of the gyro…

  • ADIS16365 Material

    We are putting this up in Space next year, and need to know the material of the casing and what type of aluminium the mount is.



  • IMU_Evaluation test ADIS16365

    I use IMU_Evaluation test ADIS16365,after choosing the Dvices ,prompting :"The selected device number,16365,dose not match the PROD register,0,read from the device.Please check your device selection." what should i do?