• ADIS16364 EVB

    1. For ADIS16364, it is Factory Temperature Calibrated,  so what purpose is the
    temperature Sensor?
    2. For ADIS16364, If I put ADIS16364 on the table in static state, the output
    data is 0.1~1.5degree/sec (test condition: measure range…
  • ADIS16364 Malfunction

    I am developing a navigation system for which ADIS16485 or ADIS16364 can be installed.  In order to identify which IMU is installed in the system, the system first assume ADIS16485 is installed and tries to initialize ADIS16485 and read product id.  If…

  • ADIS16364 Evaluation Software

    Is there a User Guide for the ADIS16364 evaluation software?

  • The noise of ADIS16364

    For ADIS16364, If I put ADIS16364 on the table in static state, the output data
    is 0.1~1.5degree/sec(test condition: measure range: +/-300), is it
    well-balanced? I checked ADIS16364's datasheet, the output noise is 0.9
  • ADIS16364: Sensor overrange ?


    After writing the default (datasheet) value to the control registers of the IMU and performing a "precision autonull" (30s), I read the following control and status regs and obtain two strange values:


  • ADIS16364 Filter Setup


    I'm using a ADIS16364 in a project. When starting to test the unit it was possible to set different measurement ranges and filter taps but now the commands are not longer recognized by the ADIS16364 (it seems). The output signal is noisy ( about…

  • ADIS16334 & ADIS16364 comparison

    We are using an ADIS IMU in an aviation application to measure attitude. During current prototyping in s scale model, the IMU is in fairly close proximity to a number of brushless motors which cause some vibration. Much effort has been spent minimising…

  • ADIS16364 Wireless Communication

    I am experimenting with a UB-287 Eval Board with a ADIS16384 6DoF Inertial Sensor...the UB-287 connects to the PC via an USB cable.

    Does anyone know if its possible to have a wireless connection between the PC and the UB-287 Eval Board?

  • Reset circuit for ADIS16364


    I am designing a circuit around an ADIS16364 IMU.

    I can't find any information as to how to drive the reset pin to conduct a sensor reset from my controller.

    Any information regarding pulse polarity or timing would be greatly appreciated.

  • FAQ: Interface ADIS16364 with Arduino


    How do I connect the ADIS16364 to my Arduino processor system?



    This software package is an example of how to interface an ADIS16364 iSensor with…