• Comment on FAQ: ADIS16362 Evaluation Tool Overview

    The ADIS16362/PCBZ was original breakout board for this product but is not longer available. For those who have this kit and would like to access the documentation, check this link out:

    ADIS16362/PCB | Analog Devices

  • RE: ADXL103/ADXL203 0 g Offset Long Term Drift

    Hello Ivan,

    I have a secondary reference, which might be helpful for you.  The ADIS16362 uses the ADXL203.  While this parameter naming convention has changed, the "Initial Bias" parameter for the Accelerometer, in the ADIS16362 datasheet incorporates…

  • RE: ADXL103/203 allan deviation

    I am sorry that your request did not received a response.  Our support strategy for these forum had some gaps in coverage, which I was unaware of.  We have addressed this issue and will be ready to respond much quicker in the future.  The ADIS16362 uses…

  • RE: Using NI instruments to read ADIS16362

    The ADIS16362 has typically pretty robust when the connector has not been inserted correctly, but damage is possible. 

    It is possible to measure the power supply current going into the device?

    The ADIS16362 only uses a +5V supply so how is a +6.5V signal…

  • IMU Flex Cable

    Can the flexible cable on my ADIS16362 be repaired?

  • ADIS16362, evaluation system of old and new


    It is a bit confusing that we have two different but quite similar evaluation system for ADIS devices.

    Here in case of ADIS16362, which is better to be selected ? We can see both of eva boards, ADISUSBZ and newer EVAL-ADISZ, can support this device…

  • Questions Regarding IMU ADIS16362 and ADIS16465

    Q1: For the ADIS16465: What are the Gyroscopes and Accelerometer Initial Bias Errors?

    In the ADIS16362 Data Sheet table 1: Both values: Initial Bias Error and the In-Run Stability are given for the gyro and the accelerometer. Yet in the Data Sheet of…

  • ADISUSBZ with ADIS16362 Gyro Data??

    Just purchased and received an ADISUSBZ and ADIS16362 module. Utilizing IMU_6DOF (Ver 3.0) I do not see any changes on the Gyro plot display. All plot axis, for the Gyro, are enabled.  The accelerometer plot display, with similar settings, works great…

  • IMU Calibration accuracy

    I am working with the ADIS16362 and was wondering about some of the specs.  If the devices are calibrated during their manufacturing process, why is the specifcation for "Initial Bias Error" listed as ±3°/sec? Sensitivity listed as ±1%?

  • FAQ: ADIS16362 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16362 inertial measurement unit (IMU)?