• ADIS16355: Voh max

    What is Voh max for ADIS16355?


    The ADIS16355 actually has a +3.3V I/O bus, which is tolerant to +5V inputs. 
    No level translation will be necessary with the Blackfin.

  • RE: 有没有ADIS16355与DSP2812通信的程序?

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  • ADIS16355 temperature calculation

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Please help me please with temperature calculation of ADIS16355.

    Real temperature according to external sensor is about 26 °C.

    XTEMP_OUT = 0x6d,

    YTEMP_OUT = 0x6e

    ZTEMP_OUT = 0x58

    From datasheet sensor parameters are Output at 25…

  • About ADIS16355 SPI-OUT


    I've bought ADIS-16355 and choose AT89C51ED2 to read this chip.

    I would like to connect ADSP21369 with ADIS16350 by SPI.

    Please help me, show me how it works.

    My code like follow


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  • 2010-03-27 13:46:20     trouble getting started with SPI on BF537-STAMP

    2010-03-27 13:46:20     trouble getting started with SPI on BF537-STAMP

    Hugh Shane (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 87758   

    I am developing an application that needs to communicate over the SPI bus with an Analog Devices ADIS16355 inertial sensor. I fully understand…

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    沈阳  和平区  我做运动控制和机器人 我关注ADIS16355!

  • RE: More detailed graphs for ADIS16445

    We don't provide these types of plots anymore. Can you help us understand what information they provide, that the specification table does not?  The typical performance numbers in the specification table actually offer conservative expectations for…

  • ADIS16405应用测试_三轴姿态解算




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