• ADIS16334 Mounting

    Any ideas on how to avoid using the flexible connector interface with the ADIS16334?

  • ADIS16334 Electrical Connection

    How do I connect to the SPI interface on the ADIS16334?

  • ADIS16334 & ADIS16364 comparison

    We are using an ADIS IMU in an aviation application to measure attitude. During current prototyping in s scale model, the IMU is in fairly close proximity to a number of brushless motors which cause some vibration. Much effort has been spent minimising…

  • ADIS16334 Flexible Interface Connector

    I am having trouble finding the flexible connector that is referenced in the ADIS16334 datasheet. Where can I find one of these? 

  • ADIS16334 old evaluation board


    I would like to use old ADIS16334 software.

    Please support me.

    I have ADISUSBZ and ADIS16334. (USB is typ-B)

    I installed new SDPDDrivers_2.exe and  IMU_6DOF_3.
    Then it doesn't work.

    It should be an old evaluation board, I noticed.

    I have SDPDDrivers…

  • ADIS16334 lineag-g compensation


    i am working with a ADIS16334 IMU. I cant't find out what the linear acceleration bias compensation for gyroscopes (MSC_CTRL[7]) does. Can you explain me what this setting / function is used for?

    Regads, Philipp

  • ADIS16334/PCB Replacements Coming Soon!

    In a few days, the ADIS16334/PCB will no longer be available for purchase, but the same function will be available through purchase of the following three accessories:


  • Sleep mode on the ADIS16334


    We've been prototyping a wrist-mounted sensor for a while now using the ADIS16400 series, and it's working well enough that we're hoping to develop one that can be sent home with testers, instead of being tied to the lab. This means a switch…

  • FAQ: ADIS16334 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16334 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?



  • ADIS16334 Burst Read Challenges

    Thanks so much I can't believe I was connected to the wrong power line... Last question. Now that all my sensors are giving me good data when I send individual commands (ie. 0x0400, 0x0a00) and now I'm trying to use the burst read command which the data…