• ADIS16260 initial tolerance


    There is a parameter named ' Initial tolerance' on page 3 of ADIS16260 datasheet.

    I would like to know what the parameter means.

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  • adis16260 spi reading data


    I have a problem with reading data from adis16260. I have read the instruction and based on that have written small piece of code to read product number:

    spiTxBuff[0]=0x00; //output…

  • ADIS16260/265 exit sleep mode

    Dear all,

    I am trying to use the sleep mode feature of ADIS16265 but the description in the datasheet is rather vague. The device can be placed successfully in sleep mode for some time and would exit without a problem when the set time has elapsed. However…

  • ADIS16260 Weird Behavior returning high rates at rest

    We have 3 ADIS16260 units on our board. We are capable of communicating with all three units and return their product ID over SPI. However, one of the units is returning the same rate(-150 deg/s) every single query regardless of any actual rotation. The…

  • 关于产品ADIS16260/PCBZ的咨询,感谢查看!

    近日购买了贵公司的ADIS16260/PCBZ,供电使用后发现数据输出不对,管脚接法为: 左边 2SCLK 接SPI时钟 3CS 接SPI片选 4DOUT接MISO 6DIN接MOSI 9接GND 10 接VCC(5V)


    测试MISO 输出波形为:


    可以帮忙分析下是什么问题吗?  C1焊接的104  C2 采用了一个1nf的电容,这两个电容影响大吗?看数据手册不焊接也应该可以用,如果重要的话C1 C2需要焊接多大的电容? 非常感谢

  • Do I get a sample code for interfacing ADIS16260 with STM32F4 board?


           I need to interface ADIS16260(Gyroscope) with STM32F4 series microcontroller. I need a sample code to know how it works. I also want to know the hardware connections for the same because when I connect the ground pin then my entire system shuts…

  • Aduino Code for SPI

    Do you have any Arduino code for the ADIS16260?

  • RE: Interfacing ADIS16488 with Arduino

    Hello r-a-m,

    Your interpretation is correct. One customer was kind enough to share their Adruino code with us, for interfacing with the ADIS16260. This would be a good starting point for you, as the basic operation of the ADIS16488 SPI is the same as…

  • RE: ADIS16485 to Arduino Connection?

    Are you using the code that you attached to the last plot?  If so, why? We have given you two different code sets that work and the differences between the ADIS16260 and ADIS16485 are too numerous to list.