• FAQ: ADIS16000/ADIS16229 Evaluation Tool Tutorial - SPI Timing


    Can you provide more information on the Tools>SPI Menu in the Vibration Evaluation Program?



    Yes, please…

  • ADIS16000 to ADIS16229 connectivity in evaluation software

    For those who have experienced issues with connectivity between the ADIS16000 and ADIS16229, when using the Vibration Evaluation Program, we have found two opportunities for improving this experience and will be making these updates available through…

  • About ADIS16229\ADIS16000


    I have sucessfully connected the sensor node to the gate. Then I want to learn more about how to design wireless sensor network . 

    Can you provide the circuit of ADIS16229 & ADIS16000 ?

    Do you have more specifications about the RF wireless…

  • we have bought your ADIS16229/ADIS16000, now we are curious about following question.

    we have bought your ADIS16229/ADIS16000, now we are curious about following question.

    First, we have seen Time stamp in the list of Register. What does it mean? Can we set time to the senor?Can we get the senor data along with time? Now, using Vibration_Evaluation_Software…

  • ADIS16229 transmission time and power consumption

    Hi Sir,


         one of my customer is evaluating the total power consumption but there still are some confusion needs help to clarify

    1.  the recording time: is tR already including the transmitting time from ADIS16229 to ADIS16000? if yes, how much is…

  • ADIS16229 used in Steel Plant for Vibration Monitoring

    Hi Experts,

    I have a question in ADIS16229 application. I think the ADIS16229 is a very good device used in vibration monitor.

    Do we have real application example used in Steel Plant field?

    Because the Steel Plant has high temperature, the environment…

  • 关于无线传输:ADIS16229与网关节点ADIS16000之间的通讯距离?网关节点与上位机之间的通讯方式与通讯距离?

  • 需要ADIS16229与ADIS16000的技术样本,以便了解传感器的安装方法,尺寸,编程与设置方式,网关的输入输出形式,通讯距离等等。这些技术细节是开展项目可行性研究的必要资料。

  • 关于ADIS16229内嵌FFT:输出信号的内容是什么,是否为测量频带内各主要频率分量的幅值(数字化的幅频特性)?能否给出通频总振幅?输出的振幅是原始的加速度振幅幅值还是处理后的振动速度有效值幅值?