• ADIS16228 Sensor


    We are recently using ADIS16228 sensor in our project and wondering whether the following behavior is normal or not.

    After the FFT calculation, even without any vibration with the sensor, the X and Y-axis (happen in 0 and 10Hz) always return around…

  • ADIS16228 driver?

    I need some more power in my calculations, would you have or think on a Linux driver for

    ADIS16228? Just asking, you never know. Olov

  • ADIS16227 and ADIS16228

    Hi all.

    our customer have to get some params by vibration at mechanical equipment, and get the acceleration, velocity and displacement . In the process,we got adis16227 and adis16228.In 16228, there is a real-time mode, I want to know about this mode…

  • ADIS16228 Datasheet

    Hi Mark,

    I have two questions on ADIS16228 Datasheet Rev.B.

    - Page 3: Is Clock Accuracy of 3% typ. includes clock tempco? How much contribution can we expect for tempco error among it?

    - Page 15: "Scale Adjustment" section, it says "The calibration…

  • ADIS16228 Demonstration Project


    Do you have any examples of how to use the Vibration Evaluation Platform software package?



    Yes, there…

  • Configuring ADIS16228

    I recently purchased the ADIS16228 device. I have it connected to the breakout board, which then connects to an Arduino UNO. I am reading out diagnostics from the device (over SPI), but I keep getting a value of 0xFFFF in DIAG_STAT register (the diagnostics…

  • Frequency characteristics of ADIS16228

    Please let me talk about ADIS16228.

    My customers are evaluating ADIS16228.
    Devices were set on a vibrating table and evaluated in order for frequencies 100 Hz - 2000 Hz (every 100 Hz).
    There were no problems at 100 Hz to 1000 Hz.
    The outputs of…
  • ADIS16228 Remote Evaluation

    I am concerned that the interface PCB and evaluation board (ADISUSB) will influence the vibration I am trying to measure. Do you have any tools or information that will help me connect to the ADIS16228?

  • ADIS16228 res

    Is the resulting dynamic resolution in SR0 12bit? Olov

  • ADIS16228 connetion failure


    I mounted ADIS16228 module on EVAL-ADIS.Then I encountered an error message as shown below when I tried to capture data from ADIS16228 via PC software, ADIS16228_Evalution_Rev_4. I cannot go forward due to the error. What would be the problem…