• adis16227

    你好,最近在弄这个adis16227的 震动传感器,


    配置 REC_CTRL = 0x1112

    也就是 manual_time 模式,0-5g 量程 ,100.189K的采样率

    每次 置位GLOB_CMD 的 record start/stop 位来读取 x buff里的数据,

    下表是x 轴正反向 大致垂直地面的采集数据,  前面是乘以5g 量程的lsb   0.1526 的数据, 后面是x_buff 寄存器里的数据,


  • Evaluating ADIS16227

    Can the ADIS16227 evaluation board connect to one of the evaluation kits/platforms?  I don’t see a specific evaluation document up on the website and the datasheet only shows the board with the part and a connector.  Also, would it be possible to get schematics…

  • ADIS16227

    Hi! Is there the possibility to receive an external clock source (i.e. GPS)?

    I need to have an accurate timing synchronization between two different accelerometers.

    Thank you in advance.

  • ADIS16227


  • ADIS16227 Interface

    Do you have any reference code for using the ADIS16227 with my embedded processor?



    FLASH MEMORY          


        10,000      Cycles

    Data Retention3

      TJ = 85°C, see Figure 18  20      Years



  • ADIS16227 and ADIS16228

    Hi all.

    our customer have to get some params by vibration at mechanical equipment, and get the acceleration, velocity and displacement . In the process,we got adis16227 and adis16228.In 16228, there is a real-time mode, I want to know about this mode…

  • ADIS16227 SPI communcations


    I’m trying to use the ADIS16227 with a Raspberry Pi over the SPI interface.  I’m communicating with the sensor using the linux spidev functions and sending commands using ioctl.  I’m not getting back the data that I’d expect.  I’ve been sending 0x5600…

  • Retrieve values from ADIS16227

    Hello. I'm looking for the most efficient and fastest way to retrieve raw acceleration values from the ADIS16227. Ideally I would only need one axis and I would read acceleration at least 10KSPS. At the moment I am reading the sensor via SPI interface…

  • ADIS16227 DOUT stays low

    Hi Folks,

    I have an ADIS16227 on a iSensor PCBZ board that I am attempting to communicate with over SPI from a Texas Instruments C2000 MCU.

    Sending 0xB8, 0x03 should set the GPIO_CTRL register to 0x03, during which I would expect the DIN line to reflect…