• ADIS16223 Connection with Freedom K22 Controller Board


        Im using ADIS16223 accelrometer sensor ,im using spi from freedom k22 controller board ,while im trying to product id ,im getting response as FF,can help me out,what is the reason ???

  • ADIS16223 Why are the XYZ results of a static unit so high?

    Why are the XYZ results of a static unit so high? The results do not look correct.

    The code I use is:-

    #define d_DELAYTIME_MICROS 20

              delayMicroseconds (d_DELAYTIME_MICROS) ;

              writeCommand[0] = 0xBF;

              writeCommand[1] = 0x08;

              wiringPiSPIDataRW …

  • ADIS16223 - Code for Reading Data from Capture Buffers


         im trying to read in 16 bit sequence but not recieving any respose from ADIS16223,with 8 bit im recieving 5F.

    can send the example code for sending 16 bit frame sequence to ADIS16223 and code for converting capture buffer

    value to g value,please…

  • Arduino/ Esp8266 and ADIS16223 - SPI and wiring issue

    Hey Guys,

    we bought some ADIS16223 for some r&d purposes. now i´m in charge to put them into operation. i have to say that i´m not a professional programmer but i have to start somehow and surprisingly i have my first trouble with this device and…

  • RE: Interfacing and data reading from ADIS16223-CMLZ problem Arbitarary/no data obtained.

    Hello. Yes I could get the output right. I need continuous sampled data of acceleration at a sampling rate of >25Ksamples/sec. , the accelerometer should also have bandwidth of measurement >10KHz and a measurement range of atleast +-20g. I could not get…

  • ADIS16223 Low Frequency response


    I verified that some datasheets show a graph with the frequency response and another say "Frequency response down to DC --> f>=4Hz". Otherwise, others don't say nothing. Regarding to the ADIS16223, which is the lowest frequency that it cans…

  • Unexpected output data read from ADIS16223

    Hi everyone,

    Today I want to show some capture data that read from ADIS16223.


    As the picture showed, Z-axis presented stable, but X-axis and Y-axis have a lot of noise. In my code, I read the Buffer_X first, then Buffer_Y and Buffer_Z. I…

  • How to receive data continuously from ADIS16223

    Hi, everyone.

    The question is same with the title.

    There are three parts in my code: capturing, receiving and transmitting.

    [CAPTURE]: Start to capture data

    [RECEIVE]: Read data from ADIS16223 SPI buffer

    [TRANSMIT]: Sending data to Android devic…

  • How does Average/Decimation work on ADIS16223 ?

    Hi everyone,

    Right now I'm considering how the Average/Decimation work.

    Although the noises seem to be lower after I add the low-pass-filter.

    But I still have a question:

    How many data points I could get in CAPTURE BUFFER if I set ND = 6.