• Issue reading data from X, Y and Z buffers on ADIS16223

    I'm using an ADIS16223. My code to read the X, Y and Z buffers is just returning 0xFF for each byte, but all other reads and writes seem to be working. Any idea why I am having trouble getting acceleration data from the X, Y and Z buffers?    


  • Use EVAL-ADIS2Z to assess the problems encountered by ADIS16227 and ADIS16223

    i Use EVAL-ADIS2Z to assess the problems encountered by ADIS16227 and ADIS16223 in windows 10

    for adis16227 i use software


    for adis16223 i use software


  • ADIS16223 - Reset Line

    one more doubt we have to connect Rst pin of ADIS16223 for high or low.please tell me

  • How to write to the ADIS16223 CAPT_CTRL register

    CAPT_CTRL register is both read and write. I am OK reading it but would like some help on setting it.


    I read it by sending


      writeCommand[0] = 0x1C;
      writeCommand[1] = 0x00;
      delayMicroseconds (d_DELAYTIME_MICROS) ;
      wiringPiSPIDataRW (ce…

  • How to reset my ADIS16223 back to factory settings

    I have bricked one of my ADIS16223 when I was trying out new settings.

    Is there a byte sequence I can send to restore the unit back to factory settings?


    I am familiar with sending commands like:

    #define d_FLASH_CNT 0x00

    #define d_CAPT_SUPPLY 0x…

  • ADIS16223 X Y Z data and effect of gravity / orientation. How does this unit take gravity into account?

    I am using the ADIS16223 to collect X Y Z values. It is running in factory default mode (As shipped)

    I get 1024 X Y and Z values (See below)

    Normally with an accelerometer gravity make one of the values much larger than the other two when the unit is…

  • ADIS16223 Busy Line Stuck High

    Hi, im using ADIS16223 the dio2 led is glowing continously ,even i didnt configure it,what will be the reason

  • ADIS16223 suggested mounting and enclosure


    If I was to use a ADIS16223 for monitoring moving machinery, what type of mounting would you recommend?  If I put this sensor on a PCB, is there a recommended enclosure type which would work for this purpose?
    Thank You,
  • ADIS16223 - Reading Registers through the SPI


    I am using ADIS16223 for my project,firstly i tried to read product id from 0x56,0x57,i got 5F from 0x57 and 00 from 0x56,and im getting  different values like 58,88,21,23,and please help me to convert that to g value.

    please reply as soon as po…

  • RE: ADIS16223 stability of received data

    Hey Mark,

    I noticed that there some imporvements and that it is quite hard to keep a documentation small but informative. Basically these sheets are supposed to provide informations to experienced people or professionals so in conclusion I have to say…