• ADIS16223 Datasheet Errors

    DOCUMENT ADIS16223 Datasheet, Rev. 0
    LOCATION Pages 15, 16 (PDF file page numbers, which are different than those at the bottom…
  • ADIS16223 Low Frequency response


    I verified that some datasheets show a graph with the frequency response and another say "Frequency response down to DC --> f>=4Hz". Otherwise, others don't say nothing. Regarding to the ADIS16223, which is the lowest frequency that it cans…

  • ADIS16223 - Reset Line

    one more doubt we have to connect Rst pin of ADIS16223 for high or low.please tell me

  • ADIS16223 Y and Z axis

    We are using the ADIS16223 to monitor vibration and motion of a moored watercraft. We did some testing of the accelerometer on the craft and found that the acceleration observed in the Y and Z axes is identical. I was wondering what this could be a result…

  • ADXL001 and ADIS16223

    Hi everyone, Iwould like to know if there is some relationship between these mems.thanks

  • ADIS16223 stability of received data

    Hello, everyone.

    I have recently been working with the ADIS16223 accelerometer.

    SPI interface is working well, but the received data of buffer X, Y, Z are really unstable. What can I do?

    I have tried to add low-pass filter which in datasheet Table…

  • ADISUSB SDK Options/ADIS16223

    Dear Sir/Madam, maybe NevadaMark,

    We are studing your ADIS16223 with using your ADISUSB_VB6Tester.zip from your http://ez.analog.com/message/44669#44669. Also we are using your ADISUSB_VB6.zip. On your ADISUSBZ_Cpp.zip, we can find C++ source of class…

  • ADIS16223: Reading out sensor data continuously

    ADIS16223: I need to read out continously the X, Y, Z data, the temperature and
    supply voltage. Can I read out all register values continously.


    The data is not produced, continuously, so it cannot be read continuously.  The
  • FAQ: Continuous data sampling on ADIS16223?


    How can I get continuous data sampling on the ADIS16223?



    You cannot configure the ADIS16223 to provide continuous time sampling. It is designed for applications…

  • ADIS16223 alternative for real-time samplig

    for a previous project I bought an ADIS16223 sensor.
    However it doesn't seem suitable for my new design specifications:

    • SPI digital output
    • Measurement Range >= [-70, +70] g
    • Bandwidth >= 1 kHz
    • Real-time sample mode
    • Sensitivity …