• ADIS16210 Evaluation

    I have an EVAL-ADIS2Z evaluation system with an ADIS16ACL1 breakout board connected to the ADIS16210. The EVAL-ADIS USB driver is installed. When ADIS16350 Rev 14Evaluation Software is launched, I receive the following error message: "No, USB Buffers Found…

  • ADXL345 or ADIS16210?

    What is the difference between the ADXL345 and the ADIS16210?

  • ADIS16210 accelerometer resolution

    I'm evaluating ADIS16210. In fact I want to use pure accelerometer data from device. When I recorded the data I've found strange thing. As you can
    see on the picture, there is kind of quantization of the accelerometer values with the step around…

  • ADIS16209 ADIS16210- clarifications needed


    Dear Supporter

    need some clarifications regarding ADIS16209 and ADIS16210:


    "Both units ADIS16209  and ADIS 16210 state something which they call "Relative Accuracy" of +/- 0.1 deg.

    It is not clear what that means: accuracy relative…

  • MTTF for ADIS16210

    What is the MTTF/MTBF for the ADIS16210?

  • ADIS16210 vs ADIS16460

    Are there some application notes on ADIS16210? Are there similar sensors? What about the ADIS16460AMLZ: is it good as inclinometer /orientation too ?

  • ADIS16210/PCBZ Connector

    I am trying to use the ADIS16210/PCBZ with the ADISUSBZ, but the interface connectors do not match. How do I make this work?

  • ADIS16210 Mating Connector

    I am not able to find documentation for the mating connector, which the ADIS16210 suggests in its datasheet.  Where do I find this information?



    I am trying to integrate a ADIS16210 sensor with a TMS570ls1224 µC. I configured the µC as a Master with the following parameters:

    • clock = 400 kHz ( <830 Khz, maximum allowed according to ADIS datasheet)
    • clock polarity = 1
    • clock…
  • ADIS16210: interprating sensor data


    I am building an IMU, using an ADIS16210 and a magnetic sensor. From what I undesrtand now, the ADIS is supposed to directly give me Roll and Pitch angles, which I should be able to combine with the magnetic sensor to get the Yaw.

    Here are my questions…