• RE: ADIS16210, Can Not Get Correct Data

    Hi ,

    Sorry for the long delay as we have just started going back from the holidays. 
    A response from my colleague says that it's difficult to know exactly what is wrong. By default, DIO1 is data ready. After powering up the part, you should see a pulse…

  • ADIS16210

    Dear supporter

    Using the ADIS16210 controlled by an FPGA with the below pseudo code of VHDL driver:

    Spi_clk frequency = 500KHz

    Cs = 1

    Clk = 1

    Upon request from software to read data from a register (address 0x5600, rdn_wr bit is 0):


    Cs = 0

  • ADIS16210 Accuracy


    I would like to ask about relative accuracy in ADIS16210 according to datasheet


    Parameter Test Conditions/Comments Min Typ Max Unit
  • ADIS16210

    Hi Everyone!!

    I need one more information,I need two mem sensors it might be ADIS16210. Now i place it on a scale at the both end,where now if the scale is slightly tilted then can the sensor show me the tilt postion??? & please guide me on how to interconnect…

  • ADIS16210 Absolute accuracy


    I could not find specification about the absolute inclination accuracy of ADIS16210 chip. 

    Are the inclinomter factory calibrated regarding the case frame?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  • ADIS16210 Interface

    Do you have any reference code for managing the SPI interface on the ADIS16210?

  • ADIS16210 Resolution


    Is the resolution dependent on the sample rate settings in this product?


    Yes, it is.  The ADC inside of the ADIS16210 provides 12-bits of resolution, but a number of factors (raw sensor offset variation, sensitivity variation, etc) prevent complete…

  • ADIS16210; Radiation Tolerance

    Do you have any information or test results on the radiation tolerance of the
    ADIS16210 particularly the tolerance for Neutron particles would be interesting
    as they have the greatest negative effect on electronic parts.


    The ADIS16210…
  • ADIS16210 Theory

    The ADIS16210 part on this website is described as a simultaneous inclinometer/accelerometer. My question is, how is this possible? Nearly all the material online that discusses using accelerometers for inclination measurements agrees that the accelerometer…

  • Inclination accuracy ADIS16210

    Hello all,

    In an application I'm using the ADIS16210 as an inclinometer. The accuracy is good. The noise is approx. 0.02 degrees (3 to 4 datapoints) which comes close to what I need for the application. This noise is measured over 15 samples with a sample…