• ADIS16210 not on compatible device list on ADISUSB web page, are they compatible?

    ADIS16210 seems to be missing from the ADISUSB eval board web page. Is the
    ADIS16210 compatible with the ADISUSB evaluation system?


    There is an oversight which will be corrected shortly. ADIS16210 is compatible
    with ADISUSB evaluation…
  • ADIS16210

    Dear supporter

    Using the ADIS16210 controlled by an FPGA with the below pseudo code of VHDL driver:

    Spi_clk frequency = 500KHz

    Cs = 1

    Clk = 1

    Upon request from software to read data from a register (address 0x5600, rdn_wr bit is 0):


    Cs = 0

  • ADIS16210

    Hi Everyone!!

    I need one more information,I need two mem sensors it might be ADIS16210. Now i place it on a scale at the both end,where now if the scale is slightly tilted then can the sensor show me the tilt postion??? & please guide me on how to interconnect…

  • ADIS16210/PCBZ Documentation Error Online

    Just a quick note, since a couple of you have found this and were kind enough to share this with me.  Thank you!  When the ADIS16210 was released, we provided a simple presentation on its web site, which was called "ADIS16210/PCBZ Prototyping Tips." This…

  • RE: ADIS16210 Mating Connector

    In addition, note that ADI is in the process of developing CAD library parts for the ADIS16210, which we expet to be online, sometime in April.  In order to check on these, go the ADIS16210 home page (www.analog.com/ADIS16210, then click on "Symbols and…

  • Dynamic Acceleration

    Hi There!

    I need to get the value of dynamic acceleration using ADIS16210.

    Will it be possible to obtain dynamic acceleration by omitting the value of static acceleration from total acceleration value from ADIS16210?


    ADIS16210 is linked to…

  • RE: ADIS16210CMLZ vs ADIS16210/PCBZ

    Hello Satish,

    We trying to keep questions separate in this forum, so I hope you don't mind us branching this off. The ADIS16210/PCBZ includes (1) ADIS16210CMLZ and (1) interface board, which you can use to connect to an existing processor system…

  • FAQ: ADIS16210 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16210 Tilt Sensor?



    We offer two different tools that support early…

  • Comment on FAQ: ADIS16210 Evaluation Tool Overview

    The ADISUSB is not recommended for new users but for those who want to perform simple evaluation of the ADIS16210 and already have an ADISUSB system, see the following Wiki Guide for instructions:

    ADIS16210 EVALUATION ON THE ADISUSB [Analog Devices…

  • ADIS16210 accelerometer resolution

    I'm evaluating ADIS16210. In fact I want to use pure accelerometer data from device. When I recorded the data I've found strange thing. As you can
    see on the picture, there is kind of quantization of the accelerometer values with the step around…